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The garbage thrown on Roads

Karachi, the biggest city of Pakistan and being a biggest city it has many beauties in itself. The historical buildings, the magnificent malls, beaches, parks, seaport, brilliant roads etc are the best examples which provide this city a perfect look and even many tourist want to visit this marvelous city. The main impact of this city is trading scenario.

Now if we look towards some major problems in the city so we should look towards the lack of cleanliness. As we all know that Sindh solid and waste management provides the boxes to throw sewerages but what we are finding the boxes are empty rather than the city, if we look towards some specific areas half roads are covered with garbage. Despite of all we even cannot walk and drive on the roads due to this major problem. In the recent research it is found that many diseases of malaria and dengue are effecting the people on a high note. As it is true that our government is taking serious action on it as they are doing their job to clean the boxes but the citizens are not doing their job to clean the city. Now due to this reason if sometimes rain fall in our city the whole city is covered with dirt and many new diseases effect the people and sometimes they even take the lives to death.

So being the citizen of this beautiful city we should look after our city because the beauty is present everywhere and we should take care of it. So it is the message for all citizens to look after this problem. If someone is doing so, aware them that this our own city and we are the responsible for its cleanliness purpose.

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