Social Media Posting Without An Authentic Source

(Usama khatri, Karachi)

The definition of social media is “Relationships that exist between network of people”. In last few years the online world has changed completely. Many people are thankful to social media as they share their feelings, thoughts, ideas etc. It is true that young generation is completely attracted towards social media like facebook , watsapp, twitter etc. Social media nowadays playing a vital role in setting new trends, similarly these trends are impacting on the mind of people on regular basis. This is true that social media in providing information but there are some incidence which can prove social media playing a negative role somehow. The main trend is the trend of videos and images which are posted on social media without an authentic source. The technology is running so fast that we cannot recognize what is true and what is false.

Social media is popular in every scenario nowadays. The students of university are indulge in the usage of social media. As there are some thoughts that usage of social media is very helpful for students to share information regarding to their education so it is true that social media is not effecting their grades but somehow some negative impacts are also available which distract the mind and in the sense of entertainment the students likes to share them but it is true that this way of sharing videos and images is unethical because the students are in learning scenario so they should be awre of what is right and what is wrong.

So, therefore there is a complete debate on it that what social media is sharing nowadays as many photoshop images and edited videos are present especially on facebook and watsapp which distract the society. So it is our responsibility to look against these unauthentic posting and share others to look after it.


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