General knowledge questions about intelligence and IQ testing

(Najamuddin Ghanghro, Karachi (original from Larkana))

General knowledge questions about intelligence and IQ testing.

(Answer Key, bottom of page)

1. The first reasonably valid IQ test in the world was developed by

A. Alfred Binet
B. Lewis Terman
C. David Wechsler
D. William Stern

2. Which of the following is true of Binet's approach?

A. he interpreted scores on his test as a measure of innate intelligence.
B. he wanted to use test scores to identify children who needed special help.
C. he tied the development of his test to a fairly complex theory of intelligence.
D. he chose problems for the test that could only be scored subjectively.

3. Most experts view intelligence as a person's

A. general knowledge
B. ability to learn from experience, solve problems, and adapt to new situations.
C. technical skills
D. ability to perform well on IQ tests

4. Spearman's g factor refers to

A. an IQ test's validity and reliability
B. a general intelligence that underlies success on a variety of tasks
C. the environmental contribution to intelligence
D. the standardization process of an IQ test.

5. The first intelligence test was created for the purpose of

A. measuring academic ability, social cognition, and creativity
B. studying differences in cognitive ability among various human races
C. identifying children who might have difficulty in school
D. assessing thinking, spatial skills, and insight

6. A child with an IQ of 110 should be

A. grounded and made to study harder
B. placed in a gifted class
C. placed in a class for the mentally retarded
D. placed in a regular class

7. The IQs of adopted children are better predicted from the IQs of their

A. foster parents
B. natural parents
C. adoptive parents
D. grandparents

8. In considering the nature of intelligence, experts would be most likely to agree that intelligence is

A. shaped at birth
B. fixed at birth and cannot change
C. the ability to learn from experience
D. composed of many different traits

9. Studies around the world consistently yield estimates that

A. heredity is responsible for 90% of the variation in IQ
B. environment is responsible for all of IQ
C. about 50% of the variation in IQ is due to heredity
D. there is very little interaction between heredity and environment

6.D. A child is considered gifted if his IQ is over _______

A. 100
B. 110
C. 120
D. 130

Answer Key: 1.A 2.B 3.B 4.B 5.C 6.D 7.B 8.C 9.C 10.D

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اَسکا شوہر دو سال سے لاپتہ تھا اور اَس نے دوسرا نکاح کر لیا تھا، بائیں جانب سلام پھیرا تو پہلا شوہر نظر آیا اور نکاح ٹوٹ گیا
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zaher wo kese . .... ameer ko zaher ki zarort Q hoge kiya use marne ka shok he .. or ghareeb apne pas zaher kiyon rakhe ga ...or agar ameer ko zaroorat hoti to wo leker bhi kha sakta he ye anser theek nahen he
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mera nts test he 2nd august ko plz help me these questions..
By: Yousaf , FSD on Jul, 27 2015
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us orat ne tyamm kya tha, jese hi usne right side salam phera uska wzoo tot gya
left side salam phera to usko din aa gahe
and then uska shohr jo gum ho gya tha wo ml gya is lye us ka dosra nkha toot gya
By: kashif jati, thatta jati on May, 18 2015
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nokar qatil hai becoz 13 april 2014 ko sunday tha or sunday ko bank band hoty han :p
By: malik ALI, rawalpindi on Apr, 08 2015
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ek pull ha jis ko 4 men ne cross krna he aik waqt me sirf 2 cross kr sakte he or 17 min me 4 ne cross krna ha aik 1 min me kr leta ha or dosra 2 min me croos krta ha tesra 5 mon me or four wala 10 min me or wha full andhera ha or aik torch lite ha bushow they croos tell me
By: asad, lahore on Apr, 08 2015
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Agr Aap Intelligent hain to is
case ko Solve kren
Agr nhi to Sorry Likh Dain...
1 Admi ka Qatal huwa
13-April-2014 Dopehr 3 Bajay Us ki Bivi ne Police ko Bulaya
Police sub se Sawal Poochney
Wife: Sir Main so Rahi thi jis
waqt Qatal huwa
Cook: Main khana Paka Raha tha
Gardener: Main Phoolon ko Pani
de Raha tha
Nokar: Main Bank gya huwa Tha
Children: Hum khelney gye they
Parosi: Hum Doosry Shehar gye huwe they
Police ne Foran Qatil ko Arrest
kar Liya
Kon hai Qatil...??
Answer isi question me hai..
By: mohxin bhayo, sukkur,sindh on Nov, 24 2014
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nokar qatil hai 13 april 2014 ko sunday tha boi :)
By: Anas , karachi on Jul, 29 2015
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us ka parosi because wo jhoot bol raha ha wo agar out of city gaya hota to foran wapis kaise aya
By: hunxa, karachi on May, 25 2015
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Nokar: Main Bank gya huwa Tha

13 april, 2014 ko sunday thi aur sunday ko mere khayal mein bank band hota hai, isliye police ne nokar ko arrest kiya i right
By: arslan afzal, Sharjah, UAE on Nov, 25 2014
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By: danish, karachi on Nov, 25 2014
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By: danish, karachi on Nov, 25 2014
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That day, it was Sunday on April 13, nokar was lying about going to the bank.
By: Rana Tabassum Pasha(Daur), Dallas,USA on Nov, 24 2014
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nice answered.
By: james, karchi on Nov, 11 2014
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Its challange 4 u.
Vo kn c cheez jo kaan sy nikalti hai aur insaan usy khata hai.
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By: QAISER, MANAMA on Oct, 06 2014
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3 shaks khana khaa rahe hain
saln se aise kya cheez girty hai jo baap uthaye to makrooh

maa uthaye to haram
beta uthaye to halal......??
Chailenge hai sab ko
By: Sabiralilaghari, Larkana on Aug, 09 2014
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Abdullah! salan say girnay wali cheez maan ka doodh kaisay ho sakti hai? yeh bhai jan sub ko challenge ker k Khud ghaib ho gaye hain. Maybe, even he doesn't know the answer. There must be a mistake left in this question.
By: Rana Tabassum Pasha(Daur), Dallas,USA on Dec, 01 2014
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bhai jan maan ka doodh is ka answer he
By: Abdullah, Toba tek singh on Nov, 30 2014
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Yar Bhai ap ka Question really bohat accha hi too please JAWAB Bhee ap hi day doo too bohat hi Accha hoo ga....
By: Jehan Zaib Munawar, Lahore on Aug, 27 2014
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By: Barbie631, Rawalpindi on Mar, 18 2014
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wo kon sa ashiq hua ha jub wo foth hua tu us ka namaz janaza aurton ne uthaya answer plzzzz
By: fayyaz, lahore on Feb, 14 2014
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Imam e Hussain (R.A) the Jo Islam or Allah Pak Ashiq hy, jis ka janaza bibiyon ne uthaya tha,
By: Faisal, Sukkur on Oct, 22 2014
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maira 1 question hai chalenge for all people muslims ki 1st masjid kn.c hai or last kn.c hoge reply must
By: usmansaeed, karachi on Sep, 23 2014
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He was a singer of afghanistan bt I forgot the name
By: Meera, Quetta on Mar, 23 2014
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es mein nothing ayega
By: ahmad, attock on Jun, 24 2013
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aik aurat jungle mein namaz parh rahi thee, us ne right side salam phera to wozoo toot gaya aor left side salam phera to namaz toot gaee jab wo namaz se farigh hooi to us ka nikah toota giya, us k konsa jurm hooa hay?
By: jehangir khan, lahore on Mar, 09 2013
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Wuzoo toot-te hi Namaz toot jati hae, left side Salam pherne se pehle wo toot chuki.
By: Rana Tabassum Pasha(Daur), Dallas,USA on Jun, 25 2013
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