Dirtiest Man Looking For Love

(Syeda Qandeel Zehra, Karachi)

Since childhood we all are listening that we can not stay healthy until we live dirt-free but few days ago all the theories of being clean for healthy life is ruined when I came to know about a man who hasn't bathed for the past 60 years and is still 'healthy'. The 80 years old man Amou Haji's interesting lifestyle was the product of a series of 'unfortunate incidents' when he came to believe that "cleanliness brings him sickness" and chose to live a life of isolation in the Dejgah village, Southern Iranian province of Fars.

He is the man of earth and he managed to completely blend in with his surroundings. Haji hates make contact with water. Even the suggestion of a bath makes him very angry. Once he claimed a group of young men tried to give him a shower but he escaped before the dreaded water touched him. He only use water to drinking purpose and he drinks five litres of water from a rusty oil can every day. But don't think Mr Haji doesn't look after himself - when he wants to look his best he uses car mirrors for grooming, The Tehran Times reported. To trim his hair he doesn't use clippers; he just burns it off over an open flame. An old war helmet keeps his head warm during the winter.

His favourite food is rotten dead porcupine and he likes smoking a pipe filled with animal feces.

Haji's lifestyle of choice is very unique. Haji doesn't seem to have a care in the world. He has nothing to lose, nothing to fear. He don’t even have a house to live in. He lives in a hole in the ground, much like a grave sometimes he sleeps in an open brick shack that the villagers constructed for him out of pity. He has an incredible immune system but still it is impossible to believe that anyone can stay dirty from 60 years and the most interesting part is that he is loving for love but I think it is hard for him to find any women who can stay with the dirtiest man of the world.

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