Rizwan Ahmed- the bureaucrat who saved 8 Billion PKR of the national exchequer

(Shahab, Karachi)

Rizwan Ahmed is a Harvard-educated seasoned bureaucrat belonging to the Pakistan Administrative Service (PAS), widely known for his strong reputation of being an upright and hardworking officer. Rizwan is presently serving in BPS-22 as Chairman Pakistan National Shipping Corporation (PNSC).

Rizwan was born into a notable family of Hyderabad. His father, Jamil Ahmed, served as Mayor of Hyderabad for two consecutive terms (1962-71). Rizwan is the son-in-law of prominent jurist, Justice Haziq-ul-Khairi.

Rizwan did his Masters in Public Administration from the prestigious Harvard University, USA after receiving his early education from Cadet College Petaro. He holds three undergraduate degrees and two postgraduate degrees in total, making him one of the most qualified officers in the country's civil service.

In the Federal Government, he has served at various high-profile positions including Chairman Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP), Managing Director Pakistan Security Printing Corporation (PSPC), Additional Cabinet Secretary and Additional Establishment Secretary.

During his tenure as Chairman TCP, Rizwan saved more than PKR 8 billion of the national exchequer through transparent measures and effective commodity financing operations. Various reforms were introduced in TCP under his chairmanship which included the setting up of a special degree verification cell for the scrutiny of educational documents of corporation's entire staff.

As MD PSPC, Rizwan was responsible for the important task of printing millions of voting ballot papers for the 2013 general elections. He also remained Secretary of the Central Selection Board (June 2017)- the board responsible for the promotion of civil servants to Grade 20 and 21.

In Government of Sindh, he has served as Secretary Health, Secretary General Administration, Secretary to Governor Sindh, Additional Home Secretary and Deputy Commissioner Hyderabad.

In the initial stages of his career, he served in Government of Punjab at various field postings in the districts of Rahimyar Khan, Gujranwala and Bahawalpur.

Rizwan also remained a member of the Directing Staff in the National Institute of Management (Karachi Campus) and as a Teaching Fellow for Financial Management at the Harvard University. He was promoted to the highest rank (Grade 22) of the civil service structure in December 2017.

Other honours and achievements of Rizwan apart from his civil services career, includes his appointment as Manager Pakistan National Table Tennis team (1988), former President of Red Crescent (Hyderabad Chapter), President Hyderbad Gymkhana (2000-2001) and captain of the Petaro basketball team.

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