Common Distractions and Productivity Killers in the Workplace

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Work Place Distraction

At the time when latest technology is boosting the productivity at work place, it is hurting many aspects at the same time. Found by researches, the fact is now approved and accepted by many that technology is one of the biggest support and a major distraction at work place.

Among many; the internet, social media, emails and smartphones are ten major distractions at workplace. They are having an adverse impact on the productivity of people while working. During surveys, employee said that one of the major distraction at the work place comes from the employee using their cellphones, from which about 44% said that the employees were using internet on their smart devices- preferably smart phones.

However, technology is not the sole culprit in distraction of employee and lesser productivity, there are many other accompanying them. According to the studies, about 27% of the employee were found to be involved in gossips while about 27% of the employees were stopping by different chat accounts and is thus reported as a major obstacle in their productivity at work.

Speaking on the basis of different surveys I can count the following as some of the potential and most commonly claimed productivity killers at the workplace can be listed as;

• The internet
• Social media
• Smart phone/texting
• Gossips
• Emailing
• Meetings
• Co-worker visiting
• Snack or Smoke break
• Sitting in the cabin/work place
• Noisy Co-Workers around

Many of these like co-worker’s interruption, cell phones and internet can be seen distracting the people very easily.

Distraction at work place comes with substantial consequences. The studies have also shown that these distractions have a significant side effect on the work quality, the morale of the employee and the relationship between employee and employers.

Workplace distractions can lead to some pretty substantial consequences. The study discovered that these interruptions can negatively affect quality of work, employee morale and the boss/employee relationships.

About three-quarter of these employee have been seen taking initiatives to alleviate the problem. They have worked on the problem by blocking certain websites, banning cellphone or personal calls, defining lunch or snack breaks, monitoring use of internet and certain websites, telecommunication of employees, limited meetings, and a one-space layout instead of offering cubes to majority of employees.

Here are some of the expert suggested tips to encourage productivity at work place;

Scheduled Breaks: Breaks during the work hours have a positive impact on the productivity but suggested is to define the break hours and define ending time for the break. It will help the staff to coordinate and share equal values and preferences for work.

Working with Productive Employee: Productivity is transmittable. One person who is highly productive can provoke others to be so, in a number of ways. One person can inspire others, can challenge others to do work as much as that specific person is doing.

Be Accountable Publicly: If employee is not motivated, try to make them post their daily or weekly goals on the notice boar in office or on the social media. By doing so the person will be pushed to take work as its preference and focus on finishing the task before doing anything else.

Go for a Walk: If an employee is having trouble in concentrating on work, suggest them to take a walk and go out for 10 to 15 minutes. A light exercise like this will rejuvenate brain and help the person who better performance at work.

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