10 Things Successful People Never Do

(Shanzy, Lahore)

What Makes You a Successful Person

You might have the idea of what are the behavioral attitudes of successful people that make them stand out from the crowd. But only few of us have the idea of what they avoid on their way to success.

Good habits are the core of success of any person. To adopt good, you need to avoid bad habits first. Here are some habits you will never see in any successful person.

1- Striving for Feedback:

They do not cry over not getting much feedback. The younger generation especially recent one that we normally call as generation Y, are too much concerned about the feedback. With no doubt, getting feedback or appreciated for the work you do is loved by all. But successful people normally do not pause much to look after if their bosses are appraising them for the work they have done. Rather than waiting, they are busy in working and getting things done. They are more attentive to driving values from the inner self and are focused on accomplishments.

2- Taking Credit Constantly:

They know what they are doing and they are not keen to take credit of everything minor thing they do. If a person is too concerned about who is doing what are about taking credit of what you think you deserve, you are probably far behind the success what you might have. Individuals who are on a leadership track might work well on the team are not much concerned about being called special all the time. Mostly the people who just started out overestimate their contributions and the value of the work done. Those tasks are mostly a part of the work done by the team. Rather than focusing on the current efforts look forward to what you can give in the coming future.

3- Commitments

No matter how busy they are, they never break their commitment. They might shuffle the meetings but they will never cancel it. Leaders are open to see opportunities in any situation and believe in commitment they make with others. They find it was a way to earn trust, respect and credibility.

4- Taking Work Off if Sick:

No matter how much you believe in the term “work and life balance” you will rarely see any member from upper management, taking an off of work when sick. The reason is that these leaders “want” to be at work. Successful people enjoy what they are doing. Their love to do their job, they love to work. Whenever they get sick, they have two choices, sit in-front of TV in their living room or sit on their chair in their office. Most of them choose to me in the office chair. Despite of any medical explanations the successful people are common to be seen at work unless and until they are completely not able to get out of bed.

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5- Seeing the Whole Picture:

Leaders always see the bigger picture. They have a clear idea of what problems the team is facing and what are the upcoming challenges. The inability of a person to put himself in shoe of other team member can lead you to frustration. Next time you are facing an issues like frustration in doing any specific job, you must try to step back and try to have wider review of the situation and try to understand what other person is thinking.

6- Offended or Jealous:

A true leader never gets upset with challenges. They take every challenge as an opportunity to learn. A true leader will never get shy from its well performing colleagues rather they embrace such beings or things. Appreciate them and find way to celebrate the achievements of that person. If we keep juggling over the actions of others we will never have enough energy to success in our own work.

7- Asking for Too Less

Asking or agreeing for too less is the reason why most of the people in our country are set-backed. Instead of getting the top dollar deal and creating a powerful partnership they are compromising of something that is much more below the mark.

Weather it is for an incentive or about introducing a new person in the group, a leader never shies to use any potential moment. Rather than setting for what is offered, the successful people do everything to have an ultimate control of the results.

8- Saying No!

Successful people do not work in isolation. They appreciate to work as a team. Rather than saying that “this is not my job description” that always welcome dealing with the technical team or project launch etc. Successful people chin up to work as a team, they like learn and understand the business and all included in it. It also helps them to enjoy their work and feel comfortable in the working environment they are.

9- Doing it All!

They do not focus on being a jack of all trades. They do not get themselves stuffed with random tasks. Rather they pay attention to value of concentration on one task at a time. Even the leaders know that it is impossible to get done so many different things are the same time. Successful people are good in letting or few things and distributing others projects chronologically or else.

10- Delegating the Boring Work:

Rather than putting their efforts in proving themselves, these people distribute some work to the interns and watch them doing it. Apart from being a healthy activity, it is a good practice to nurture the upcoming generation and train new talent to take part in building something bigger and important.

If we speak about it behind the scene, a leader is actually reviewing and looking after a lot of boring tasks. If you are dealing with something that no one else wants to deal with, you became obligatory to any situation.

If you are looking forward to a road to success and to fulfill your dreams, these ten steps might work miracle for you.


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