Dream to become a motivational trainer

(Dr Zahoor Ahmed Danish, Karachi)

At this time, every sector needs a expert to develop that sector.
This specialist is called a motivational trainer in the world .Do you want to be a trainer?
I will give you some important tips about this.
Dear Readers:
Please pay attention here.
. Motivational speakers can deliver presentationsand speeches on any topic. However, Becoming a motivational speaker is to identify your message and your audience, improving up on your public speaking skills and promoting your speaking abilities.
Dear Readers:
Kindly note down these tips.
1:Slect your topic
2: Keep your message relevant and timely
3: become a professional
4:understand your audiance
5:use public words in speech
6:maintance your speech record
7: Develop a marketing plan
Good trainers have these attributes hard-wired into their muscle memory:
Skills for motivational trainer:
structuring and communicating ideas, using visual and other aids
Activity :-
managing activities.
Apply information mettode:
coaching, counselling, mentoring, advising,
Analytical view:
investigating, diagnosing, advising,
Rid to trouble:
Design :
designingprogrammes, materials, activities, opportunities, e-literate
Dear Readers:
I also wanted to be a good trainer.I established an organization MEDIA RESEACH INSTITUTE .I also give motive training in this institution. In the light of this experience, I wrote that you benefited by it.
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آپ کی رائے
v nice words.. and very useful tips wish u best of luck...
ishtiaq ahmed, karachi
By: Ishtiaq Ahmed, Karachi on Mar, 21 2018
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You have encouraged me.Dr Zahoor Ahmed Danish me thankful you.
By: Shoaib NAZEER, LAHOOR on Mar, 17 2018
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