“Employee Satisfaction” How Much Important?

(Ahmed Musaddiq Tariq, Islamabad)

Employee satisfaction is very important because there is a strong positive relationship between employ satisfaction & customer satisfaction. Positive changes in employ attitudes lead to positive changes in customer satisfaction. 30 to 70% customer satisfaction and customer loyalty depends on the relationship between employee attitudes with customers. Employee commitment had a sizeable impact on perceived product quality and on perceived service quality.

According to the model of employee satisfaction not only affects employee commitment and employee loyalty but it also has two fold impacts in direct & indirect on critical customer satisfaction related variables.

Why employee satisfaction affects customer satisfaction
Employee that interact with customer, act in position to develop awareness and responds to customer goals and needs.

Satisfied employees are motivated employees. They have motivational resources to deliver adequate effort and care.

Satisfied employees are empowered employees, in other words having resources, training and responsibilities to understand customer needs and demands.

Satisfied employees have high energy and willingness to give good service at a very minimum; they can deliver a more positive perception of the service/product provided.

Satisfied employees can provide customers with interpersonal sensibility and social account inadequate explanation for undesirable outcomes. Quality interpersonal treatment provided in a negotiation/ exchange has a significant impact on customer satisfaction. Employees have enough emotional resources to show empathy understanding, respect and concern.

After summarizing and highlighting relationship between employ attitude and customer satisfaction. How employees feel about their job has an impact on their work experience but also on tangible business outcome such as customer satisfaction, sales & pro employees can strongly contribute to an organization’s success by having customer centric approach in their work and in their work related interactions. However they are more likely to do if they are satisfied with their job.

The question is then?

What should organization do to ensure high job satisfaction among their employees? In this regard there are some strategic steps:
1. Identify root causes of dis satisfaction among employees.
2. Develop employee satisfaction measurement systems that can be used corporate wide and worldwide.
3. Monitor employee satisfaction on regular basis.
4. View employees as the primary source of competitive advantage.
5. Show concern for total employee wellbeing.
6. Develop meaningful employee involvement & effective communication.

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