Mad World stubborn to Destroy Syria

(Akram Saqib, Sahiwal)

It is reported by the USA and her allies that chemical weapons were used in Syria. There was no research or search report asked by any organisation and at once USA decided one sided to destroy Syria. The Russian leaders on the other hand threatened the USA but in fact it is also a threat for Syria. Where all missiles drones and bombs will strike? It is Syria.

It is the conscious policy of the west and Russia to undermine China and show the world that there are only two superpowers still that are USA and Russia. If it is not the sole aim of this proxy war then first determine the responsible party who used chemical weapons and then let it hunt. It is not far from the facts that some American or Russian should have done so. The UN is sleeping and has given an open hand to kill the innocent Syrians. It is wise to first

Determine the responsibility and then punish the culprit.

The World Leaders should respond to the Coordinated Strike in Syria after thorough inquiry not in haste. Why the British Prime Minister Theresa May and French President Emmanuel Macron are calling it a necessary move to stop the regime’s use of chemical weapons. Re they sure that Syrian regime did so beforehand? Though it was the most cruel and abhorrent way but who did it?.”

The West is so clever that it did not let the world to think independently. It has its own media that starts the propaganda before such happenings as it was told to them. It would be wise to protect innocent people in Syria from the horrific deaths and a casualty caused by chemical weapons, but also because we cannot allow the erosion of the international norm demands to determine the responsibility first.

The West and USA kill the innocent Muslims first and if there is some retaliation that is termed as terrorism. Is it not terrorism that the whole world is trying to wipe out the historical country of Muslim world from the face of earth? If the Muslim or any other nation demands that British or US president should leave his office otherwise his country would be attacked would be acceptable to them?

All this drama is to please the Jews and to take revenge from the Muslims of their cowardly behaviour. More over to show the World that Russia is still alive.

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