Lawless country or a disgraced nation

(H Muhammad Sohail, Karachi)

The countries have laws because that is the only way that a sane society can function without constant friction and possible violence. Helping people and maintaining community quality of life as it is about enforcing laws and apprehending criminals. A breakdown of law and order will be a disaster for everyone and destroy the very fabric of our civilization. Law enforcement is necessary for a healthy society to maintain justice, rights, and duties and to prevent crimes. Law enforcement provides our social peace, prosperity, and progress. Law enforcement discourages the rule of power. Everyone is equal in the society either he is rich or poor, weak or strong. By law, enforcement public gets the message of discipline in the society. Law enforcement is the way to solve matters of alliances in a better pattern. It also makes the people of that society more civilized.

Recently on social media we have seen some pictures of the Prime Minister Mr. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi who was being searched by the American security forces the airport as Pakistani for me it was quite embarrassing that our PM had that kind of treatment in America but when I heard that from our pm it was a routine job for them to check the person while entering into the country I didn’t feel ashamed as it was simply a security check, we should obey the law of the country where we go.

We did see it too that Indian Prime Minister came in Pakistan without even have a visa with him just to attend the family function of our Ex-Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef. Where was the obedience to the law he is preaching now? Why our government officials don’t obey the laws of their own country while they are stopping ambulances on road for their so-called protocol.

Regarding the supremacy of the law and order what had we seen in our country in the recent past? A few days back an innocent guy hit and killed by an American diplomat Col Joseph Emanuel on Margalla Road, Islamabad. The diplomat has jumped the lights and hit a motorcycle carrying two men at a traffic signal.

Due to the diplomatic immunities under the law of Vienna Convention, he won't get arrest by the police. According to the international laws Pakistan have few more options left to give justice to the diseased, the first is to ask us embassy to lift the immunities given to him under diplomatic laws and file a case against him in Pakistan and put his name in ECL (Exit Control List) so he won't leave the country till the case has been closed.

The other option that Pakistan have is to send him to his country US and the country itself run case on him, in both the conditions Pakistan has right to investigate and collect the evidence against him.

In past we have seen that in Singapore a Romanian diplomat jumped the lights and hit a taxi in that accident one person was killed, the diplomat left Singapore three days after the incident had happened, later on, the accused was arrested by Romanian authorities, he went through long period of trial and was sentenced to 3 years' jail after being found guilty of manslaughter.

Similarly, a sixteen years old American girl was crushed by a Georgian diplomat in the US, Georgia on request of American government lifted the diplomatic immunities on him, later on, He was found guilty and sentenced to seven years' jail in the US.

At that time former attorney general Ms. Catherine said that we have set an example. Now people think twice before driving while being drunk. On the other hand in Pakistan things get changed we have seen much time American diplomats disobeying the law here but no one gets punished.

In July 2010, a US Embassy officer attached to the embassy's force department hit and killed a young man driving a motorcycle on the 7th avenue.
In November 2010, a member of the US regional affairs hit another embassy's vehicle causing damage to both vehicles at Shahra-i-Jamhuriat near Radio Pakistan.

In February 2013, an administrative assistant at the US Embassy hit two motorcyclists near Kohsar Complex at the Margalla Avenue. A man was killed and the other got injured.

In all the above-mentioned cases we didn’t find a single person who caught and faces the trail and gets punished over these killings. I think we Pakistanis find this enough to summon the US Ambassador and record the protest on the incident that had happened as this won’t provide justice to the deceased. The government has to take some serious action and put the culprit behind the bars so that no one should think that they can easily get away with murder in this country and for that matter any country.


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