Syrian Issue Demands Inquiry

(Akram Saqib, Sahiwal)

Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack

It was a news that spread or was spread like fire in the jungle that Syrian Government has used chemical weapons. Nobody expressed sanity and started narrating the US narrative. Media worked wonder as it always does and Trump ordered missile units to keep alert and be ready to destroy Syria. It was Russia which jumped into the matter first and declared that the attack by the USA would not be the only attack,they would also contribute in the devastation of Syria in the name of retaliation. It was a small nation which put forward a resolution in the UNO for showing some tolerance and asked to negotiate before attack.

Do Not name the Dog
It was seen that America wanted to name the dog to kill it. It was the government of Syria which was the target of the expected missile attacks. Then suddenly the world heard some sane voices from all around. The people expressed their opinion in favour of the people of Syria and requested the superpowers to show patience. If the Russians and Americans are adamant to teach a lesson to the Syrians ,they should decide the culprit first. The world has requested the aggressors to inquire into the matter. Nobody has seen witnessed or heard the responsible for chemical weapons. There could be some secret agency working against the Syrian people who has done so to defame the government. There could be anti Government alliance responsible for this calamity. All the options are expected. So it is the need of the hour to thoroughly inquire into the matter before taking severe step. Both the countries should show respect for human rights.

A game Show to Prove Russia and America are the only powers
It all reveals that the past super power Russia and present power USA wanted to show that only they are powers in the world arena. They want to undermine the power of China in World affairs. It is a supposition. The next is that the resources of the middle East are the target of the West and they can be usurped only when there is chaos and anarchy in the region. The secret services have succeeded in creating disharmony among the Arabs and have risen them to fight a proxy war for them. It is sometime against the ISIS some other times against Shias and moreover against the Sunnis who dare to raise a voice against this war of manipulation of resources. Qatar was snubbed for it. Saudis are being exploited in the name of Shiaism and there is no end of this proxy war.

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