To The United Nations for Syria

(Akram Saqib, Sahiwal)

The United Nations Organization was formed to save the next generations from the scourge of war. It was to work as the savior of Human Rights. Since its inception it has done very little in this regard. It has always been biased and prejudiced against the Muslims. It has never ever decided in the favor of the besieged Muslims all over the world. If we cast a cursory glance at the working of the UNO general Assembly and especially the Security Council we find that it has worked as a tool in the hands of the powerful for the exploitation of the poor.

The Palestinian Issue was the first and foremost issue put forward to UNO. That is still lingering and Palestine has been divided according to the whims and wishes of Jews and the West. The people there are in the state of war since 8 decades. They are displaced and many Palestinians generations have grown old in the same dilapidated condition. Then we take a bird’s eye view of the whole Middle East. We find that UNO has abetted USA and her Allies to destroy the people and states in the richest region of the world just for usurping resources. The leaders who were considered a hurdle in the way of American and Western Conspiracies were systematically removed. Shah Faisal of Saudi Arabia was made to be killed by his nephew and his nephew was beheaded as the part of conspiracy. Then Libyan colonel Qaddafi was a person who was working for the welfare of the Muslims and was anti American. He started nuclear research and construction of nuclear power projects. Israel incited USA to destroy the nuclear installation of Libya first. It was done in the broad day light. The UNO did nothing but supported USA and Israel in the name of nuclear non Proliferation.

Then the Iraqi regime was made target. Bush senior himself allowed Saddam to occupy Kuwait as its province and when the naïve Saddam followed suit he was attacked by 28 western nations and Iraq was made the rubble. Not only attacked but Saddam was also killed in animosity. He was killed because he talked against the heinous crimes of the West and America. He was considered a potential threat for Israel. After wiping out Saddam the UNO admitted that there were no missiles present in the state. It was a wrong report but damage had been done so far. It was all under the nose of UNO.

After that the World Trade Centre was demolished by the owners themselves and blame was put on Al-Qaida-The same Al-Qaida which USA and West has brought up against USSR in the Afghan Soviet war. The Soviet have retreated and destructed. Now there was needed an enemy to propagate the imperialistic policies. It was the civilization of the Muslims. The theory of 1968 as reiterated in the pamphlet clash of civilization was practically followed and acted upon.

It was the Muslim who was at the root of every evil in this world. The USA, West and even the UNO harped on the same string. The UN officials now and then supported the idea of Muslim terrorism and the Muslims were under siege everywhere in the world. Afghanistan was put to ashes by NATO and US forces when the Taliban Leadership did not hand over Osama bin Laden.

Every action of the West which was Anti Muslim was supported criminally by the UNO. The African continent was destroyed in the name of anti Terrorism. Sudan Somalia Algiers and many other Muslim states were destroyed in the name of UNO.

In spite of all this the poor Muslims are still looking toward this organization for the solution of their problems. Though there is no hope for Justice from the non Muslim dominated UNO but to lose hope is a sin. There is no Muslim organization that can stand in the face of UNO due to internal rift produced by the UNO and USA between the two main factions of the Muslims-Shia and Sunni.

It is very humbly requested that the UNO should review its policy toward the Muslims. It should consider the followers of second largest Religion of the world as human beings and should feel for them all over the world.

The latest field of killing the Syrian region should be closed and UNO should ask the Saudi, US and Russian governments to leave the region and let the Syrian decide their own future. The Muslims are not in this condition to look eye to eye with the USA. USA should not kill them but should order them to hand over their precious economic resources. They are eager to do so. It is a largess of the West that it snatches both resources and lives of the Muslims.

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U N can do nothing
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