VIP Culture still existent in Pakistan

(Syed Farjad Zafar, Karachi)

Stop the vip culture

Pakistan is said to be a democratic country, the word democracy means to the people and for the people and by the people. It seems to be that in democracy, people seem to be the real power. The common seems to be the actual stakeholder, and his point of view is considered to be extremely important in state affairs. But unfortunately, in Pakistan, it doesn’t seem so. Pakistan democracy doesn’t have such qualities. And it is notoriously blessed with oppressing people. Although Pakistan gained independence in 1947, the people are still socially and culturally slave to colonial tradition and customs.

VIP culture is among one of them, which mean stopping the traffic, blocking the roads, and let people stuck in traffic jams until this political leader pass.

Our ruling class has intensively used the option of protocol, never staying away from it, making the life of citizen extremely difficult and cumbersome.

During their movement, the city, roads, street and even shops are blocked or closed for an hour. Traffic is paralyzed, and even ambulances are not allowed to go through due to which citizen dies on the roadside without getting proper treatment. Even babies are born in auto rickshaws or die as a lack of access to any hospital.

Many times people have stood up against this VIP culture, including many celebrities like Dr. Aamir Liaquat, Imran Khan any TV anchors and even the common citizen of Pakistan, But this aggressive behavior of common citizen remain valid for few days after which this evil VIP culture is active again.

Recently there is another incident occurred with the renowned TV personnel where two students were coming in the wrong direction with the POLICE SIREN ON in their BLACK TINTED private car, on asking they first abused and then tried to beat the persoonel. And said, “I’m the son of district chairman of Baluchistan, Do whatever you want.”

Now the time has arrived for us Pakistani to stand united against this Evil rising trend. And abolish the back backbone of VIP culture so that no common man should suffer a roadblock, no INFANT SHOULD DIE, No mother should give birth in Auto rickshaws, and no common man should be beaten and disrespected if he/she stood against VIP culture.


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It is every where not in Pakistan only
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