Environmental protection policy by clean air act

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In the environmental development to focus on the Clean Air Act (CAA) that improving the environment to provide the clean air and is aligned by the government law which manages air emissions from stationary to improve the mobile sources. Moreover, the Clean Air Act is considered as a federal law that intended to control the excessive pollution in the air on a national level. To utilize the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that create the regulations to protect the overall population from the introduction of airborne contaminants that are known as unsafe to human health and for the survival. The government passed the EPA act to approve the setup National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) that purpose to secure the public health as well as the welfare also to discharges the unsafe air contaminations from the environment.

In addition to, the Clean Air Act has the objective to prevent the environment from the pollution under the law and contains an abnormal arrangement. To concentrate on the arrangements that approve the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to survey on the relevant certain activities of government in the way of National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). This survey helps to align the environmental protection to secure the human life’s and upgrade the living standard. This step of government help to make the people satisfy regarding the health of humans and the government in Pakistan concentrate on this issue to improve the Environmental Quality for mediation.

Over the decades, the Clean Air was set up to address the existing problem of acid rain that happens by the results from excessive consumption of petroleum derivatives in response with the dampness and the level of oxygen all-around. The environmental hazard is identified through the corrosive rain that harms the environment by overwhelming the living beings in water as well as the soil which is causing sea issues and loss of soil supplements. These are things arises due to destabilizing of the natural eco systems and to measure the corrosive rain additionally destroys the bridges, buildings for the regional infrastructure and have the effective impacts on the critical industries. In the Clean Air Act perspective, the federal play a significant role in controlling the air pollution and to amend the distinct policy that is extended by the government. Previously, the Clean Air Act has the fundamental amendments that gave the exceptional Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to evaluate the expansive forces to set with the purpose of air quality goals. EPA manages the essential state policies for fulfilling the goals, to build up the particular kind of standards for new sources, also, to address the throughway pollution problems, and to recognize the way of controlling on the hazardous pollutants in the air. In Pakistan to figure out the enacted outflow the standards for new utilization and EPA an assortment of responsibilities in upholding such standards in terms of environmental aspects.

At the international level, the CAA frames the premise of the air contamination to control the beneficial arrangement that gives the guarantee about the safety of life across the worldwide. The CAA required the further prospect of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) structure to build up the strategies to accumulate the air quality that has the measurements for certain normal and far-reaching to control over the pollutants in view of the latest science. To sustain the policy of environment throughout the world to utilize enough amount of funds in measuring the result of clean air act. According to the researchers, to find out the number of positive outcomes for the safety based survival at the substantial price and it has the various beneficial factors that used for the environment protection in a progressive way. Its prices estimated by the different ways to make sure about the reliability of Clean Air Act. The effectiveness of cleaner air that prompts the better lifestyle and productivity to spares the medicinal costs that identified with air pollution leads towards the health problems.

In this way, the EPA build on the production of further guidelines that need in comparing the level of pollution in the different periods. It makes the benchmark for achieving the well-developed technology for the progress of environment in an innovative way. To focus on the innovative aspects that creates the number of advantages by the passage of tie and it also gives the edge to the economy of the region in the safety manner. The experts decided to implement the clean air act to reduce the environmental hazards and produce the specific source classification which is an essential factor that helps in reconsider the benchmarks to address a different kind of hazard. To categorize the EPA with the Clean Air Act requires the well-developed action under the observation of experts and they built up the preferences of facts to control over the air pollution circumstance. It is a technique to confront the conflict about the environment directly and accumulate the Clean Air Act. These are necessary accomplishments that raise the setting of standards for further stationary sources by implementing the strategic plans. Therefore, the government and courts have very thoughtful regarding this contention to enlighten the CleanAir Act's opportunity for the development of an essential factor that has the fundamental legal readiness to elaborate the EPA.

In our opinion, the CAA has the significant influence in the protection of the environment and it is supported by the government to secure the human lives as well as to make the progressive constraints. The clean air act plays an important role to control the diseases that are increasing day by day.

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