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(Jahanzaib Khan, Islamabad)

The society today has become more aware of the term healthy living. Increased amount of knowledge and information has led people to the conclusion that healthy living should be adopted if they want to have a better and productive life for the remaining part. Recently we have seen an increase in the amount of people that have changed their lifestyles for the better. People have realized that sitting all day in office and eating fatty food is not doing them any good rather it is damaging their health. This is where the idea of healthy living comes into the picture.

In recent years, we have observed that many people have started some sort of exercise. Whether it is going to the gym or just simple walk, people have made exercise a part of their everyday routine. No matter how busy people are in their work lives, they still try to manage time for exercise. Implementing exercise in their everyday routines have had a positive impact on their life. People feel more active and productive when they perform some sort of exercise in their daily life. They feel better mentally and physically. It also serves a perfect way of reducing stress especially for the people who have highly stressful jobs in the corporate world. Accordingly, we have also seen an increase in the number of gyms that have long hours of operation and so that people who have long window of working hours can also use the facility.

People have worked around their busy schedules to accommodate exercise for e.g. we see many people early in their morning doing walk or jogging before going to office. This is one of the best way to implement healthy living in our lifestyles. Not only the exercise but the fresh air in the morning has its own advantages. Recently, this trend is increasing a lot. Not only healthy living makes a person healthier physically but also makes them smart and attractive.

Healthy living is not just only about exercise but also about how we choose to eat. Now, people are becoming more curious about what they are eating and how many calories the food items have. People now tend to stay away from fatty foods and rather try to bring more vegetables in their selection of food. Also, people have started following the trend of having early and light dinners. People consume water even if they are not thirsty because it keeps them hydrated and is better for the body. Having the right amount of sleep is also very important for a healthy life. This keeps them active and productive during the day.

Hence, healthy living has become a major part of our society today. It brings a lot of benefits with it. People should implement it for better quality of life and long age expectancy. People should be guided and informed about healthy living and the benefits associated with it. When people will get to know more about it and have awareness, they will value the concept of healthy living and will transform their lives according to it.

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