5 things you should do to get rid of pimples

(Shanza Ali, Karachi)

Take an ice cube and wrap it in a cotton cloth or in a small towel and dab it on your pimple for 20 minutes. If you are having pain due to the pimple, the icing will help in relieve. And after 20 minutes you will be free from the pimple. The most important key to avoid pimples is rubbing some ice on your skin after washing your face at night it helps to close pores and prevent acne. It also helps skin moisturized and prevent the formation of wrinkles specially under the eye.

2.Honey and Lemon
Take a half lemon from the fridge (doesn’t matter if some juice is already squeezed from it) and put 3-4 drops of honey on it. Rub the lemon on your face. Leave the lemon and honey mixture on your face for 5 minutes and then wash it with cold water. You will be able to see results immediately. lemon juice will also fade the sports on your face and honey will moisturize.

3. Cinnamon and potatoes.
Take ½ tsp juice of potatoes and add 1 pinch of cinnamon powder, mix them well and apply it on your pimple for 10 to 15 minutes. It will help you to get rid of your pimple and you will get a glowing skin.

4.Aloe Vera and mint leaves.
Take ½ tsp of Aloe Vera and 3 leaves, crush the leaves nicely and mix with the Aloe Vera and make a paste, apply it on your pimple and leave it for 10 minutes, you will see the results immediately. The antibacterial aloe Vera are very effective in treating acne and reducing the redness caused by it Mint leaves contain a high content of salicylic acid, which is an active ingredient found in many skin care products; it loosens dead skin cells and allows them to shed easier. This results in acne scars fading and leaves the skin clearer.

Take 1 drop of raw papaya juice and apply it on your pimple. Papaya removes dead skin cells and excess lipids from the skin’s surface, leaving it soft and smooth, Papaya contains lycopene, which protects skin from the free radicals that cause acne. Papaya contains papain and chymopapain, two enzymes with anti–fungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. They exfoliate to unclog pores, and they provide the proteins skin needs to fight the formation of acne.

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