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(Syeda, karachi)

'save your self from this worst situation '
In the month of may this might be second time this type of hot weather came since 20s century & my concern is that; as this situation came during ramadan therefore i want to share some precuation that can be protect us from this weather

1. when you are going outside take a wet towel with you and time to time wetting your hands ,face or you can also put this towel to your head .

2.Drink juice! specially watermelon it is the fruit which rescue from this weather,grewia asiatica [falsa] ,the juice of green mango [cary] is give you great relieve

3.The use of chia seeds also beneficial theses seeds commonly called as tukh malanga ,they used along with such type of juice

4.Used spray of cold water and remember used rose water spray for face as it can also glow your face
5.Avoid that, when you come from outside do not go directly to the AC room.

6.there is another drink that is called as 'kachi lassi' [direction to make ; take a cold glass of water add two table spoon of milk put some ice cube]
Specially in Ramadan ,if we use these drinks after fasting then we can also get the equal or more amount of energy which we gain in normal days

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