Sitting Habit Can Make You A Patient

(Soha Saleem, Karachi)

Chairs were made for the comfort of human being. It has been proved by the researchers that these are a source of lessening the age of a person. We use to sit on chairs for long time in a day on a job or to watch TV at home. Some of us have habit of sitting too much and then we become lazy and dull. Movement of body parts is very useful for health because blood circulation is must for healthy personality. Try to develop a habit of walking and running daily. The introduction of Face book and other web based activities have made people sit on their beds. Outdoor games have become less and it is an adverse effect on humans. We must go out for ground games which are beneficial for us. Cholesterol level increases due to this reason. This routine will make them sharp and active. Those who remain be seated the whole day, fats in their body increase to a great extent. It is also a cause of Cancer, diabetes and Heart problem. Take care of your self and enjoy a graceful life.

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