Child labour

(Tooba yaseen, R.Y.K)

Child labour

Child labour is today a major issue in Pakistan.We frequently have seen young children working in workshops,hotels etc. They are treated so harshly and rudely. These children lose their self confidence.They never find a chance to look into themselves.Their personality starts degrading.Their minds stop thinking.And they grow into a physically strong but mentally stopped persons.These children have faced violence in their lives.They start feeling that they have no self respect .They live a life full of desires and wishes.They start hiding their talents.they even see violence at their homes.

Sometimes these children get depressed so badly.In many cases children left their homes just to escape from violence of their lives.

Child labour keeps a child away from all the benefits of childhood.The biggest injustice with them is they are not being given a chance to get education.The right of education is same as the right to breathe.But their parents force them to leave education instead of following Islam's teachings.All fault is not of their parents.some credit also goes to Our Government and kind hearted rulers and ever to ourselves who don't stand up for these children who also deserves equality.

Let us take a step to ban this evil.

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