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(Nadeem Israr, Karachi)

Every single day a number of people, especially the unprivileged ones, succumb to death due to not having enough money to get their medical ailments treated properly. Won’t it be amazing if everyone gets looked after with optimal healthcare services and that too, without spending a fortune? Well, here is the good news! Patients’ Aid Foundation has actually made this hope and dream of countless individuals come true. The non-profit organization, which was formed by a group of concerned citizens in 1990, currently operates across 14 departments of the famous Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre in Karachi. The Organization is in a continuous state of evolution, striving to enhance its healthcare facilities gradually while offering free treatments to all type of patients, especially those who are suffering from cancer.

Yes, you read that right! This medical center highly emphasizes to drive its efforts towards working in the cause of humanity and charges no fee from its patients who come forward seeking quality medical care. Moreover, it caters to patients coming from all walks of life and diverse backgrounds. Do you have a servant who could use this free treatment option? Or maybe you might know someone who desperately needs medical aid but is too reluctant to get it due to not having enough finances? Please don’t hesitate to inform them about this brilliant service that they can avail at any time as the need arises.
The Current Facilities offered by this institute include the following:
§ Clinical Pathology
§ Blood Bank
§ Patient Welfare
§ Nephrology
§ Neurology
§ Cyberknife
§ Accident & Emergency
§ Ophthalmology
§ Gynecology
§ Chest Ward
§ Medical ICU
§ New Radiology Building
§ Oncology
§ Neurotrauma

On the whole, Patients’ Aid Foundation is determined in its vision to serve the poorest of poor with the best medical facilities, without having any predefined perceptions for any bias. For this, it has partnered with JPMC so as to render quality healthcare services to the needy ones who visit Jinnah Hospital. The organization strongly believes that with accurate treatment provided through the right departments, the flow of patients will eventually increase and more people, for whom affording such a service is out of question, will get treated this way. They are also working towards increasing the current number of state-of-the-art-facilities at JPMC, in order to cater patients in a much better way. So, in case you are looking for places to donate your hard earned money, be assured that the Patients’ Aid Foundation is a well deserving place for your Zakat.
Remember, Patients’ Aid Foundation is a very reputable institute that offers superb medical facilities to the less fortunate, absolutely free of cost. It also excels in treating Cancer Patients. Spread awareness and let humanity meet healthcare in the best way possible!

Disclaimer: The organization currently operates in Karachi only

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