Dissociative Personality Disorder

(Haad Raza, Islamabad)

Dissociative personality disorder (DID) is a psychological disorder in which people unknowingly develops one or more personalities within themselves for defensive purposes. The patient is known as “Core personality” whereas the other personalities are known as “Alternate Personalities” or “Alters”. A person may have almost 100 personalities within themselves. These alters may have their own age, gender, religion, etc. It is possible that the personalities maybe unaware of each other. These alters are created when it is too painful for the core personality to face the situation. When one comes across any painful situation than any of the personality take control of the body which may last for seconds or maybe days called “Switching”.

Dissociative personality disorder occurs mostly in childhood (usually before age of 9). The main cause is that these children may be victims of repetitive physical or sexual abuse at some stage in their life. Other causes of DID include stress, issues regarding parents, social environment, emotional abuse etc.

The patients might not be aware of being mentally ill but at most of them gets treated at the age of 20-40. Patient may face body aches, mood swings, flashbacks, out of body experiences, depression, self-harm, sleeping disorders, hearing voices etc. Some of the experts say that it can never be cured but some of the people have been cured by the long term therapy where first the personalities communicate with each other then they integrate with each other.

This disorder is more in women than in men. People consider it as demon possession and rather than helping that person to sort things out they further create problems for them. People must spread awareness to not be strict towards their children and to have friendly relation towards them so that if they are suffering from any problem then they must find a solution for them and not to degrade them.
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