Why People Do Not Succeed....

(Amir ur Rehman, Karachi)

So much is written about how to succeed in theory but nobody talks about what are the things that prevent people from becoming successful. Its like telling someone to travel on a long road without telling them what pitfalls and blockades to avoid on that journey. Without teaching the people about things that should not be done on the way to their goals, you are in actuality sending them to fight a war without boot camp training. Wars are not won by just learning what to do, they are won by learning what to and also what not to do.

There are certain things in life that you need to avoid. Just learning to climb the stairs is not enough you also need to know that you are not supposed to jump off the roof after you have climbed the stairs. You also need to know that you are not supposed to carry extra baggage while climbing up the stairs because that extra baggage will slow down your ascent and in many cases even prevent you from climbing up. The same holds true for mental baggage while making attempts to climb up the stairs of your life. Success is 80% mental discipline and 20% about the hours that you put into your daily life by working hard. Since mental discipline is more than physical discipline, than it becomes obviously clear that one needs to learn techniques about how to make your thought process more fruitful. I can give 30 reasons why people do not succeed but lets start with the top two most important ones...

The most common reason why people do not achieve success is because they do not have the focus on their goals. A few failures, a few distracting comments from negative people around you, a few setbacks, and your concentration goes in the direction of how to fight these negative things.

Fighting negative people is like blocking the sunlight with your finger tip. It can not be done. You can never block the sunlight with any object in this world. The only thing you can do is to use the same burning sunlight and make it your guiding light. Use it to get to your destination. Enjoy the clarity the sunlight brings. Let the negative people around you do what they are good at, never get distracted because you should be the person who is good at keeping your focus on your goals. Keep reminding yourself everyday that the only person who will help you get to your goal is YOU. It is you who matters. Your focus matters. Your dedication towards not getting distracted matters. Brushing off negativity and negative people is what matters.

Develop a skin so thick that never do you get bothered by negative people or their comments. It will come with practice. Nobody is born to deal with negativity. You learn to deal with it. Learn because that is the only way to succeed. All your education, all your learned skills, all your business contacts, all your hard work will go to waste if you get distracted from your goal.

Imagine a genius 10 year old boy with straight A's in school, great supporting parents, extremely positive minded person, with an IQ of 300 sets a goal to become the President of a country when he turns 15. What would you say to that child ? Probably laugh first because you will think, how could this child be a genius, have an IQ of 300, have straight A's in school and then set a goal that is impossible to achieve. Only impossible because he is setting a goal which requires him to be an adult first. So by the same token, all your intelligence, hard work, genius, positivity is a waste if your goals are not REALITY BASED.

Goals have to be set in accordance with a step-by-step process. The biggest reason people do not achieve success is because they set, what i call "Feel Good Goals".. Goals that make them feel good temporarily but in actuality are many steps away from today's reality. Just like the boy who wants to be the President and that which he can, but not at 15 years of age. He has to grow up first. You also need to set realistic immediate goals first. Accomplish them, gain confidence and adjust your goals upwardly.

People confuse their goals with the "Destination"... Destination is the eventuality not a goal. Becoming a Doctor is an eventuality, studying hard everyday to become a Doctor one day is the goal. Goals are your action plan everyday, every week every month ever year until you get to your destination. 99% of the people confuse their destination with their goals. Focus on your goals. Your destination will come as a reward from your Allah. And at the end, remember that nothing we accomplish, we accomplish without the help of Allah. And Allah SWT demands, yes he demands that you remain hopeful, positive and in contact with him. Keep him as your best business, spiritual, social, religious contact and this contact will never let you down. Its been tested by me for decades.

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