Nepotism offguard

(Natasha Javed, Wah Cantt)

Apparently i am a regular human being and a student of course. I am not clearly a person who discusses social or political issues influencing on the society on a wider scale rather i would just be listening to the discussions and debates and learn to know better.

But i have been learning and knowing a lot of facts about these social scenarios lately. And to be true these facts and figures would be considerably enough to demotivate a student who has not even stepped into his/her professional life yet.

So coming to the point i came to know the importance of the word "links" in my past few months. You need your work done in a limited time span, just ask a person who has authority or have some contacts and BAMmmm SUCCESS!.

Lately, i have been searching for an internship related to my field and i considered NEPOTISM being practiced with credence. The thing that makes me uncomfortable is that the whole social phenominas are working inappropriately when it comes to their basic rights and duties.

I applied in a lot of institutions and companies just with the right intention to get to know practically, But to be honest i did not get any positive response from anywhere.

Just because i did not use any links or "parchi" for getting upright, this is the word i have known since last year.

All these important and representable people working either on small or wide scale are living in this society just like the society tends them to live. And to be clear, this society doesn't need a selfbuilt persona, rather they would like to handover ther norms and professional values in the hands of untested populace just because they have the power to make them do whatever they need.

There are clearly no proper channels followed by more than half of the citizenry and the remaining are just wandering through proper pathways like idiots.
Even people who can use there links can easily get a professional degree, a driving liscense, even jobs and internships just by doing a phone call. Clearly this is not the fault of those people availing these opportunities, but of the system prone to convenience and provision of these so called headways.

The fact is , a regular citizen of this society without using any professional relationships can not even get his basic rights with ease and convenience. I am clearly not talking about just myself as a lot of people out there who feel like they deserve to get the opportunities but couldn't just get through the pathways of social barriers all the way.

People going through genuine channels remain unconsidered in front of people who have their "parchis" upright. At least that is what i have been learning in the time i should have been learning about me degree and my profession. I am getting to know all the political scenarios endured in a professional life and i am afraid of the fact that " IT IS JUST THE BEGINNING ".
-Natasha Javed.
-An average student belonging to an average family.

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