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The world has been refreshed with the sound nature of compact speakers step by step. Audionic being a standout amongst the most matured organization fabricating quality speakers with worth the value for its audience members has been at the best since the plain begin. Since Audionic has been in the market, it has been best known for providing the biggest Azadi day sale of the year amongst its competitors. The sale where you can buy products on discounted rates. Not just the discounted rates but you can also enjoy the quality which makes it the best affordable products in Pakistan. Since the past years Audionic has compressed a list of most selling products that have been hot around the market during the Azadi Sale every year, satisfying the user and giving them the product they require. Below is mentioned the compressed list that will help you choose between what to buy in this year’s Azadi sale.

1) Audionic BT 140:
Are you looking for a handy portable speaker?
The stylish and sleek design, in addition to metal grill and fixings – and profoundly made plastic standings on the bottom gives a decent place to your portable speaker to sit without slipping off. This Audionic product is one of the most portable and handy wireless stereo speaker you will ever see. Of course, there are bargains when you cut back your speakers to something more convenient. Audionic BlueTune BT-140 certainly a Bluetooth speaker is always out there for you at a price of 2,300 Pkr.

2) Audionic Mega 140:
Why you should prefer “Audionic Mega 140”?
In order to meet the needs of the general user, in recent years, the main functional Mega 140, 2.1 Audionic speaker product more and more includes the connectivity of Audionic Bluetooth, USB, plug-in cards, FM Radio, etc., these obliging features in Audionic Mega 140 speakers, all were ported to the traditional 2.1 speakers for the friendly use of electronic items. The Audionic Mega 140 will definitely bring a filled, more powerful sound to your audio listening experience. That may be enough for a certain number of audiences. Audionic Mega 140 that can reproduce 2.1 sounds will have a front left speaker, a front right speaker, and an Audionic sub-woofer

(the .1 in 2.1) which makes Audionic Mega 140 sound system one of a kind in the market with the most affordable rate of 7,000 Pkr making it the best selling product around the market.

3) Audionic Rex 3 Plus:
Why Audionic Rex 3 Plus is one of the best-selling Azadi Sale products?
The Rex 3 plus has a solitary drive unit of 2 speakers of 4 inches which can work in a frequency scope of 15KHz to 18KHz and 10Watt of dynamic power, which implies it can accomplish extremely low-recurrence sub-bass sounds which makes it reliable extensively on low thumps. Pairing the Rex 3 plus to any portable device through which you can play music is fairly an easy process for the users. It also supports three types of plug and play music like Aux cord input, USB devices and TF card support which makes the product more users friendly. , with all these comprehending features that has been installed in the Rex 3 plus makes it the best sellers in the market amongst its competitors with a more affordable price tag of 3,800/- Pkr.

4) Audionic Reborn RB 80
What makes Audionic Reborn RB 80 the most hearable surround sound in the market?
Audionic Reborn RB-80 has the kind of speakers that are aimed to produce low-frequency sounds no matter where you place them or being at its lowest level it allows the user to show the quality performance of bass frequencies. They are typically used to hand off low bass to a solitary bigger Audionic subwoofer. Subsequently, these bar shaped speakers are for the most part utilized as a piece of 2.1 subwoofer/satellite speaker frameworks. It has Audionic Bluetune (Bluetooth) connectivity option that enables you to play music from different devices wirelessly. Keeping in mind the vast features that has been installed in it, the cost price for Audionic Reborn RB-80 is just 14,900 Pkr.
After going through this list it can be assured that you have made up your mind about these products so wait till the Azadi sale day and grab your favourite Azadi Sale Speaker at minimal rate and enjoy the sound of music with Audionic – The Sound Master.

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Audionic is definitely a well known brand in the sound industry. They have been known for giving quality products and services over the years. Audionic is amongst the top companies of the world. Audionic items are the best and have the boundless scope of items that cater to all the necessities and needs of their customers. Audionic products are reliable and pocket-friendly.
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such a great article for audionic speaker reviews. i'm looking forward to buying rex-3 plus this audionic azadi sale. it can't get more cheaper than this.
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