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Vitamin D is a fat soluble Vitamin. Unlike other vitamins, VIt D acts as a hormone and is responsible for proper muscles, heart and nerve functioning. Furthermore, it is also include in Calcium homeostasis, increasing immunity and other multiple physiological effects. Vit D has its receptors in each cell and tissues throughout the body. Vitamin D occurs in different forms but commonly, Vitamin D occurs in the state of Vit D2 and Vit D3 which are collectively called as 'calciferol'.

Vit D synthesizes by the influence of exposure to the sunlight. The people who don't take optimum amount of sunlight, live in the northern areas suffer with the deficiency of Vit D3. For such subjects, the dietary recommendations of Vit D can be beneficial to be fulfill from fatty fishes, dairy products, liver, egg yolk, canned fish, yogurt, orange juice, cheese etc, orally. Injections of Vit D3 are also available in the pharmacies to accomplish the body requirements.

The deficiency of Vit D is a world wide problem and according to a modern research it is found that in each pair, one is suffering with this deficiency. There are multiple problems associated with the deficiency of Vit D, which may cause the tiredness and fatigue, bone and muscle pain, back pain, Rickets, osteomalacia. The risk factors of the deficiency of Vit D are very often relate to obesity, inadequate diet intake, to take little sunlight or to live at a high altitude etc. Majorly, the deficiency may lead to Rickets or osteomalacia. Rickets occurs in the early ages [Children]. In this condition, the bones becomes disable to mineralize properly which lead to bone softness, skeletal deformities, impaired bone growth etc. On contrary, Osteomalacia is the adult disorder which enhances the chances of bone fractures, bones becomes weak and porous, muscle and bone pain are also the disturbing concerns in this condition.

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