What is love?

(Kanwal Naveed, Karachi)

We don't know how to love a person than we should own a pet.

My friend was happy after a long period of sadness. Samjeela was pretty good girl but always in hurry. When I asked about her happiness, she gives me a beautiful answer. She told me, she was happy to buy a pet, a nice dog. She told me more about her love and life. She said, a long time, I considered that I know what love is but suddenly I found myself empty. There is no knowledge about love in my mind. I felt that, it was a big list of my wishes which I made without thinking of another feeling and wishes and I labelled that list of wishes named love. It was a huge mistake and I think everyone done this who finds some strange feeling in oneself.

Love is not like a labour which gives you back something. If you want something back than you have to think about your feeling of love.

When I see in my heart I felt there is no one but me and myself. A big (I) was there and nothing. When I stood up against myself then I felt I want something from someone else and when that somebody not accept things according to my wishes then I felt heart and disappointed at that time I felt that somebody is cruel and not loved me but now I think, how we give a label to another one why we not search yourself and our heart.

Look carefully, who is that person you loved most you or another one. If you have true feeling of love, it will be amazing but in that feeling you will be selfless. You want nothing but happiness of another one. Did you don’t want to be a king and conquered that person? If you think love is a precious thing which must be conquered and you can save it. That was wrong thought of yours like me. When you find a truth like me and than definitely your answer would be I love myself more than anyone else. Then you must knew yourself, your good and bad habits, your wishes and most important your goal of life. If you don’t want to think about yourself than how you expected another one, who think about you own precious hour.

We want love and care but we forget the basic rule of find something. That was clear and immortal, First Deserve than Desire. If you want something from someone else then you should be able to find it. Be better and capable instead of blaming. We don’t have a true feeling of love but we want to own someone else. A great person said: we have no knowledge about how to do love with humans but we have knowledge only how to do love with pets. I think that great person was right in his words. We want our loved one think like us; behave like a puppet, our silly puppet. You want own someone because you loved that person, it’s impossible. Than you should take a toy bear or pussy cat or any little pet which you want because, a human life has its own flow, no one control another one at any name or cost. You can cry or label your feeling of wanting but that is not true loving my dear. You should think, what is love? Like me. I was thinking about her talking. I was thinking, what is true love? Did anyone give me more accurate answer about strange feeling of love? I was looking at her face carefully, when she was murmured it was not love. It was not love? I could understand hidden story.

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