Are You Dealing With A Two-Faced Personality? Here Is What You Should Do!

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n life, many times you come across people who have more than one face. Meaning, they pretend to be nice with you but in reality, they are not what they seem to be. They treat you like you are their everything and behave with you in a very good manner, but once they accomplish their hidden objective, they start revealing their true identity.

The cases in which a person always talks to someone with a smile and then suddenly starts abusing him are very common in our society. These people have some kind of hidden agenda. As long as you are fulfilling their wishes, they would treat you nicely. But once you say “no” to any of their demands, they would start insulting you.

There are people who will tell you bad things about other individuals, and when they will go to another group of friends, they will talk bad things about you with them. This kind of individuals are two-faced, and they love to gossip about others.

One of the easiest ways to identify a two-faced personality is to observe how many times he smiles when he talks to you. A person with two faces will always smile even if you say something against him or complain him about something. He does this because he wants his goal to be accomplished, and that is why he tries to keep himself calm. He tries his best to make you believe what he says. After the accomplishment of his goal, he starts complaining frequently. He tells you that you are not doing enough. Eventually, he replaces you with someone else because you are no longer needed and your chapter is closed.

Afterward, this two-faced person stays away from making an eye contact with you and tells you that he is busy whenever you try to contact him. When you see the real face of that person, it hurts you so much. Someone you have known for a very long time has actually turned out to be a liar. But you are not alone; this can happen to almost anyone of us. The question is, what to do once you have identified a two-faced person?

First of all, you should try your best not to share with him any of your personal information. Secondly, say straightaway whatever problems you have with him and tell him why you can't do what he is telling you to do. If possible, stop all kinds of communication with the person after telling him about your concerns. Most of the times, the two-faced person happens to be one of your relatives; in this case, limit your interaction with him. If the person is a gossip lover, tell him that you don't like to talk or listen about what is happening in a third person's life.

Last but not least, don't take on your heart the actions of a two-faced person. You should keep in mind that this person is not your type and you have a good heart. Just keep observing how low can they go. But if something very serious happens or if the person starts harassing you, contact the law enforcement agencies. If the person bullies you on the Internet, register a complaint at your local online harassment center.

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