Present problems of Pakistan


In today Pakistan we are facing many problems. Like energy problems, terrorism, drones attacks, unemployment and inflation. These are main problems of today Pakistan.

First of all I am talking about energy crises
An energy crisis is any great shortfall (or price rise) in the supply of energy resources to an economy. It usually refers to the shortage of oil and additionally to electricity or other natural resources. The assassination of Benazir Bhutto on December 27 has brought light to the major issues that are confronting Pakistan today. “The country may face energy crisis by the year 2007 following healthy growth of 13 per cent in electricity demand during the last quarter, which will erode surplus production in absence of commissioning of any new power generation project during this financial year,” informed sources told The Nation. The report maintained that the difference between firm supply and peak demand is estimated at 5,529 MW by the year 2009-10 when firm electricity supply will stand at 15,055 MW against peak demand of 20,584 MW the country needs a quantum jump in electricity generation in medium-term scenario to revert the possibilities of load shedding in future due to shrinking gap between demand and supply of electricity at peak hours.

Inflation problem
Pakistan, with a population of about 16 million people has undergone a remarkable macro economic growth during last few years, but the core problems of the economy are still unsolved. Inflation is one of these core problems. Government claims that in order to keep the prices of essential commodities under control, it has been taking various measures throughout the year. The inflation rate in Pakistan was last reported at 13.04 percent in April of 2011. From 2003 until 2010, the average inflation rate in Pakistan was 10.15 percent reaching an historical high of 25.33 percent in August of 2008 and a record low of 1.41 percent in July of 2003. Inflation rate refers to a general rise in prices measured against a standard level of purchasing power. The most well known measures of Inflation are the CPI which measures consumer prices, and the GDP deflator, which measures inflation in the whole of the domestic economy .Conclusion: It needs to be controlled by strategic planning. Domestic production should be encouraged instead of imports; investment should be given preference in consumer goods instead of luxuries, Agriculture sector should be given subsidies, foreign investment should be attracted, and developed countries should be requested for financial and managerial assistance. And lastly a strong monitoring system should be established on different levels in order to have a sound evaluation of the process at every stage.

Unemployment Problems
Unemployment is also well known problem of Pakistan today facing. The unemployment rate in Pakistan was last reported at 5.50 percent in December of 2009. From 1990 until 2009, Pakistan's Unemployment Rate averaged 5.88 percent reaching an historical high of 8.27 percent in December of 2002 and a record low of 3.13 percent in December of 1990. The labour force is defined as the number of people employed plus the number unemployed but seeking work. The non labour force includes those who are not looking for work, those who are institutionalized and those serving in the military.

Pakistan under attacks
During 9/11 when the first aero plane hit the twin towers the news flashed all across USA was “a plane accidentally crashed into twin towers”, after one minute when the second plane hit the towers the headlines read “USA is under attack” let see in Pakistan The attack on naval base at Karachi Pakistan is under attack from all the four directions, rather five. The Mahran naval base was the symbol of strength and maritime avarice of a professional and proud force. On the fateful day of 22nd May Pakistan lost its Mahan and Mackinder. Loss of men and material is colossal, loss of dignity and pride is unfathomable. Rags can be repaired but tags when attached are there to stay.

Pakistan is what, a country between rags and tags, or a nation in search of direction. A president of a Swiss bank gave simple yet poignant remarks that “Pakistanis are poor people but Pakistan is not a poor country.” A country with all the endowments of nature, supportive weather system, hardworking people and the ideal geography is a combination which only few enjoy in this world. The menace of terrorism is spreading. It is about to devour the state itself, by mere firefighting these Davey Johns will not go away, there has to be a comprehensive policy on counterinsurgency and counterterrorism. A difference has to be between these two. Naval base as an icon of Pakistan’s sovereignty came under attack. Two P-3C Orion aircraft were destroyed, the weapon known as the force multiplier. It is a long range surveillance and anti submarine aircraft (Westland lynx and sea king are equally capable Pakistan navy helicopters but with limited endurance). Who has tried to denude 1,046 km of coastal line and the outreach of Pakistan into Arabian Sea? Who is the beneficiary of this Shakespearian Murder? Big brother, India.

The news Islamabad Wednesday, May 25, 2011
The footprints of circumstantial evidence regarding the terrorist attack on the Mehran base clearly show the involvement of Indian intelligence agency, Research and Analysis Wing (RAW). Senior intelligence sources told The News that this was a joint venture, accomplished by RAW certainly with the consent of CIA and a group of al-Qaeda who are being used by the anti-Pakistan lobby. “The militants attacked the base and mainly targeted the P-3C Orion aircraft as they had instructions to destroy them,” he said, adding that it was on record that India had opposed the US provision of these aircraft to Pakistan.

Pakistan is under attack, means to say India and America want to play with Pakistan selfness.

Another attack on Pakistan on the day 02 May 2011. When obama say that we Killed 9/11 Al Qaeda Leader in Pakistan. President Obama gave the order for a small team of U.S. Navy SEALs in Afghanistan to go in Sunday night Pakistan time, even though bin Laden had never once actually been seen in the compound. U.S. officials say Pakistan was not informed in advance of the military operation inside their borders. It is unbelievable action of America in Pakistan.

US drones pushing insurgents into Pakistan
The United States government, led by the Central Intelligence Agency's Special Activities Division, has made a series of attacks on targets in northwest Pakistan since 2004 using drones (unmanned aerial vehicles). Most of these attacks are on targets in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas along the Afghan border in Northwest Pakistan. Basically drones is an only way to attack on Pakistan. Actually in my point of view if we feel it in this world America is big terrorist. America wants to control over the Pakistan and Afghanistan natural beauty through this way of anti-terrorism. We have no solution to stop drones till now.

The Nation Thursday, May 26, 2011
Despite unanimous resolution adopted by the Parliament in the context of the Abbottabad incident, no step has been taken by the PPP-led ruling coalition to tackle the ever-increasing US drone strikes inside Pakistan.

The 12-point resolution had declared the US drone attacks against national security and sovereignty, and sought an elaborate strategy to stop the relentless attacks. One of the steps recommended by the parliament was to cut off the Nato/Isaf logistics supplies from Pakistan.

However, there has been no response by the government to the US drone attacks which have phenomenally increased over the past ten days. There have been five drone hits on North Waziristan Agency so far since May 14, killing many innocent people who are generally unaccounted for. They argued that each drone strike since 2004 had killed an average of ten civilians, causing undue irritation to the local population wary of the US-led exercise. They said the US might have achieved some tactical gains, but in general the drone strikes always remained counter-productive in the efforts to fight terrorism in the region.

We need to protect our Pakistan
What Pakistan needs the most today is slogan given by father of the nation i.e Unity, Faith and Discipline. These words never resonated with such an appeal before all the state institutions both formulated under statute and outside it have to unite in response, what can be a better response than the display of loyalty, which the poor country is demanding from every denizen. Rise or fall for ever. Mend the rag or wear the tag. Whatever, it has to be done immediately, time is not only running out it is also running away.

At the end I think Pakistan should do more to protect borders
Our world consist upon various states, regions, castes, creeds, ethics, norms, values, traditions, customs, identities, groups, communities, section, unions, parties, regional groups, social groups etc. All these are based HUMAN BEINGS, people. Every one needs protection, security, safeguard of fundamental rights, freedom of speech, expression, gathering, life, property and needs as per changing world and territorial scenario.

Whole the world is having, states, countries, regions and various colonies. THE SIGNIFICANT DOCUMENT TO GIVE IDENTITY TO EACH STATE, COUNTRY IS CALLED THE (CONSTITUTION) so at the End we should do some positive changes in our CONSTITUTION AND should protect our CONSTITUTION.


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