The craze of MBBS at its peak

(Amit, Mithi)

MBBS craze at its peak in Tharparkar

Whenever the Pre-medical entry test comes near, the candidates fall in dilemmas of frustration and pressure to get those limited MBBS seats. Some students take pressure of study and some become frustrated due to low initial. But every candidates strives hard to get those MBBS seats despite knowing that seats are very limited But one odd thing is that, not only candidates works hard but their parents strives hard more than their sons/daughters to get seats of MBBS for their child by purchasing marks from board to make initials strong or by purchasing test or answer key of test before actual date of test. This despicable act is most common in our Thar areas where parents are ready to sell their conscience to get the medical seats for their sons/daughters. Even poor or middle class parents are ready to mortgage their precious assets to get medical seats for their sons.

I have seen very rare students who are serious in other field; mostly are in puzzle of MBBS. Parents always force their son/daughter to be a doctor without knowing what their children want to become. Every suggestion goes towards MBBS. No other field gets its respect. I am live witness of that because I have passed from that. I am a victim of that “low initial”; I am a victim of that barefaced people who bought answer key of test. So no one could write better than me in this matter. I have seen many students who got failure in getting MBBS seats despite giving their best even top in test but due to low initial they didn't cross that selection line. They failed because they didn't have access or money to increase marks from board or to buy the answer key. So today to get MBBS people do lot of sins.

Once a person from my area asked me that “In which University you are studying?” I answered that “University of Sindh” then he frowned like I abused him. It means people are not familiar about other field; they just know the psyche of MBBS just because it gives job of higher money. Whenever I am with my doctor friends, people always create disparity between me and my doctor friends; they realized me that I am nothing in front of doctors. This is more frequently happens in our Thar areas because they have no knowledge of other fields.

No doubt the medical is interesting field but limited at one field without being the familiar about other fields is just unpalatable to say. This immense craze of MBBS urges every single child to cremate their desires in the field they want and it forces them to go in the field where they don’t interest and get failure and become pressurized by society’s belaboring and criticism.

This is because of lack of career counselling and lack of awareness about other fields. I have visited many other areas outside Thar where there is no craze of MBBS, every field gets its actual reverence if it connect to person’s desire and parents know the importance of other field and they allow their children to choose their field. But in Thar it is just ridiculous to say the least.

So to aware people about other fields we need at least some motivation seminars about career counselling which motivate children to choose their desired field and give sense to parents to allow their children to choose their dream field.

Thank you.

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