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A 26 years old man was used to live in a rented room. The size of the room was quite smaller than an ordinary living room. For the past two months, he was unable to pay his room rent and he had been told that if he wouldn’t pay his remaining this month then he would be kicked out from the room. He was jobless and not enough educated to earn a good living. He had applied for each and every possible work he could do but every time he had to face rejections. One day, he was sitting in a park and reading newspaper, he saw an advertisement for an office boy in a very good organization. As he is very needy, he didn’t think about anything and applied for the post of office boy. After two days, he had been called for the interview and a little test regarding the office boy position. He went to the address he was provided and after reaching the location he saw a very huge building. His hopes were high as it was the only chance for him to get some earning. He went in and after few minutes he was called into the interviewer office. The employer interviewed him and got satisfied with his abilities. After the interview, there was a little test for him and he was taken into the room of the office and was supposed to clean the floor of the room and he did it very nicely. The interviewer congratulated him and said “you are hired”, and asked his email address so that he can send an application form to fill, so that he can continue with the organization. As the man was very poor, he didn’t have any computer that’s why he didn’t have any email address. He asked the interviewer about it, he was responded that they couldn’t hire him if he didn’t have any email. The man left the office with no hopes and he didn’t know what to do with the only $10 he had remaining. During his walk to his home, he saw a supermarket he went into it. He saw a crate of apple with the price tag of $10. He bought that crate and decided to sell it door to door. In few hours he sold all the apples and doubled his capital and decided to repeat it several times and returned home with $80. He realized that this is the only way to survive, so he started to go everywhere earlier and returned home late. After few days, he was able to buy a cart, then after few months he bought a delivery truck for the supplies and later on, he had many delivery vehicles. After few years, he became one of the biggest fruit sellers in the market. He then decided to secure his family’s future and called a broker at home for setting up a life insurance policy. When all the things are setup between the insurance company and him, the company’s broker asked for an email and he replied he don’t have any email. The broker started wondering and asked him “you don’t have any email and still you build an empire. Can you imagine, where you would be if you had an email”. The man paused, smiled and replied “An Office boy”.

Life is like a book and a book consists of many chapters, one bad chapter doesn’t mean it’s the end of the book. The moral of the story tells us that don’t be disappointed and never get your morale down when something is not in your favour today. Discouragement is always temporary and better opportunities are always waiting for you, if not today then must be tomorrow.

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