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Success is the important in life

Everyone wants to be successful. Success brings people self-satisfaction, enhances self-esteem, fills life with meaning. Everyone has their own concept of success. One wants to create his own company, another - to be the best wife and mother, the third - to get a position in the state apparatus.
No matter what the goal - the path to success is the same for all. There are peculiar rules, steps, steps that will lead to the success that you want.
What does success look like?
Personal qualities of a successful person
They consider successful a person who was able to realize himself, otherwise, he would achieve his goal and would enjoy his own life.
A successful person lives his own life, goes his own way, sets goals for himself and achieves from realization. No one will say that such a path is easy - it requires constant movement, growth, labor. It is impossible to avoid difficulties, troubles, disapproval - it is important not to give up and move on. There is a single indisputable truth for everyone: every person can succeed.
What is needed for this?
There are qualities that lead to the achievement of goals:
• self-confidence;
• hard work;
• optimism;
• perseverance;
• resilience;
• positive thinking.
Psychologists say: if a person has at least 2 qualities from the list, he is able to achieve everything.
It is advisable to think positively and avoid thoughts that hinder the movement forward.
What thoughts hinder growth?
"I have to. " No one owes nothing to anyone - everything that a person does, he does for himself and of his own will, even if for the sake of achieving the goal it is necessary to limit oneself to something or to give up something.
"I can't do this. " You should always try, if you did not succeed immediately, you can gather information, learn a little, ask for advice, etc. The second or third attempt will be successful.

"I do not want anything. " The absence of positive desires and goals is the path to nowhere. To desire, to strive is the first steps towards success.
"Everything as usual; nothing new.” Life changes every moment even contrary to our desire. Why not try to change it at will?
Tips from successful people
• Listen to your heart.
True, sounds like a fairy tale? Nevertheless, all successful people claim that they have succeeded in doing their favorite thing, to which they give up completely.
Only by doing what the heart lies to, one can reach heights.
Michael Jordan
“Success comes when a person adores something and does everything with true passion.”

• Take action.
No matter what and how to do - it is important not to lie on the couch. Start small. Master the cause, which you have long been willing to learn, do what you have long dreamed of, or what you have been putting off for a long time. A Chinese proverb says: "The road to a thousand li begins with the first step."

• Do not drown in the past.
You need to forget about past failures, grievances and mistakes and go forward without looking back. Louise Hay writes: "The starting point of power is always in the present moment." No matter how many failures were in the past - you should not be afraid of mistakes and failures.
Donald trump
“There is no need to sit on failure, as if on ashes. We got a new lesson, learned it, and move on. ”

• Think positive.
Donald trump

“Our own thoughts determine whether we will stay afloat or remain in the quagmire of whining. It does not always work. That's life. Everyone is falling, but you have to go up.”
Belief in your abilities works wonders. Believe also that the whole world is on your side.
As Louise Hay says,
“Trust is an instant process, a jump to nowhere” /
Just believe that it is you who is the darling of fate, whom she is ready to shower with all the benefits.
You should not be ungrateful - thank life for all that it gives: health, loved ones, beautiful weather, work, a new dawn. Every day, thank life for everything you have - and appreciate it.
What qualities and deeds distinguish a successful person?
1. Self-sufficiency. A successful person does not depend on the opinions of others, he is the master of his own happiness. No matter what everyone thinks around - self-esteem comes from within.
2. Ability to forgive. Forgiveness frees both offender and offended. Released resentment will not devour from the inside, cultivating diseases and complexes. But do not forget anything - do not give anyone a second chance to hurt you.
3. The ability to protect their strength. Do not waste yourself to the end in a momentary struggle. Sometimes you can retreat and gain strength for the next battle.
4. The best is the enemy of the good. No need to be perfect, perfectionism leads to neuroses and chronic diseases. Do as you can. The next time you get better.
5. Do not live in the past. The ability to part with the past, to forgive others and yourself is a step towards a happy future.
6. Ability to distract. You do not need to live only in Business, Work. Successful Oleg Tinkov states: "To work, to live, but not to live, to work." Need to find time for yourself and for loved ones.
7. The ability to say no. A successful person can say no. Following the wishes of others leads to failure, stress, and depression.
8. Goodwill. Fact: the more a person has achieved, the more benevolent and politer to everyone. No matter what the social status of the interlocutor is - a successful person will be polite and humane. Malice - a lot of losers.
Try to listen carefully and "hear" the interlocutor, do not interrupt and give an opportunity to speak. Be interested in the affairs and problems of others. Let it be difficult at first - over time, skill and sincerity will come. Try it, you will be surprised how many prospects will open before you the goodwill and participation of others.
• Owen Young (writer):
"A person who knows how to put another person in place, accept his way of thinking, may not worry about his future."
Be friendly to everyone, even during telephone conversations, and especially to those close to you.
9. Appearance. You don't have to look like a model, you just need to be neat and well-groomed. It is hard to believe in the success of a man who has untidy clothes, dirty hair, and messy nails.
Take care of yourself with pleasure, make an effort to please yourself first and foremost

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