Tourism in Pakistan

(Aliyar, Karachi)

Pakistan is a paradise for tourist , said Dr Arif Alvi President of Pakistan , combination of deserts, breezing beaches , beautiful valleys , high mountains are not less than the blessing of Allah Almighty bestowed upon Pakistan , we can use these benedictions as weapons against the crippling economic condition of Pakistan , It we could rightly and prudently utilized this by providing ease and comfort to the tourist and traveler all around the world.

USA and Spain make $299 billion and $96 billion annually form their tourism business respectively , and many other countries listed Turkey , Malaysia , Thailand facilitated their economy by tourism and again making billions of dollars out it ,that should be a strong motivation to promote and enhance tourism in Pakistan .

E-Visa's and visa on arrival scheme is one of initiatives taken by the incumbent government to attract the cash-laden and dollar cow towards Pakistan and show them the natural beauty of the country, you are born with something unique if you could recognize that and prudently use it you may achieve the position you want to be at, God has bestowed upon Pakistan with the best of the bests natural beauty , from the long desert of Baluchistan to the beautiful beaches of Sindh ,from the old civilizational monuments of Indus Valley Civilization to the beautiful historical place of Lahore , from the mountainous place of northern areas to the cultural heritage of Peshawar, we have every tourist packages to offer to the world.

One thing which worth mentioning is that , their are hundreds of civilizations existed and existing on the planet earth , Everyone in world has some religious beliefs, cultural attires , dresses and we should respect the differences and be happy with the similarities that we share , many tourist who may visit Pakistan as tourist spot with different culture and religion , so we should not impose our thought and understanding onto them especially in case of women because tourism is fun and enjoyment and everyone has different interpretation of fun and enjoyment so it very important to respect or at least bear tourists enjoying their fun otherwise the promotion of tourism would be mere a dream ...

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