(Bukhtawar Sultan, Sargodha)

For centuries, the world is begin categorized either as the good or the bad world. And this categorization is solemnly based upon the principal of " Have and Have not's i.e the magnitude and types of psycho-social facilities, it (world) provides to its inhabitant ". As per this yardstick , the good world is the one, which is destined to provide and ensure peace, joys and jubilation to its inhabitants. Whereas, the bad world is attributed as the world, which is teemed with disastrous elements of destruction , anarchy, vandalism and morasses.

√ But besides this segregation between good and bad world. There exist another type of world, whose foundation laid on entirely different rationale i.e. positive reaction towards communication barriers. Here, its also very important to mention and comprehend that in contrast to good_bad worlds, this world is based upon psycho-physiological communication i.e. emotional and social interaction instead of faculties its provide to its residents. This new world, is charismatic-ally embellished with a strange milieu, where ears are the silent observer, And eyes -hand mutual harmony is the main stakeholders. It's the world full of miracles, surrogates and eye catching mode of communication that evolved from an enchanting and the magnetizing coordination between eyes and hands. This Wonderland is blessed with all colors of life but in silence.

Its the world without sounds, where eyes listen and hands talk . Where symphonies of vibrating earth is more melodies and meaningful than heart rocking symphonies of Yanni. And this world neither belongs to good nor bad peoples rather its owned by deaf people( dream early and act fast).

Akin to normal human beings, deaf people also have brain to think, heart to feel and stomach to digest. But the only difference lays at the level communication. Otherwise, like other homosapien, they also felt joys in playing games, cracking jokes and planing their lives. But unfortunately, we have segregated these deaf people just on the minor issue of communication barrier. And placed unnecessary ceiling effects on their personal and professional grooming and uplifts.

And because of this attitude of ours , we had not only marginalized deaf people but also made vulnerable at the hand of social aloofness and mental frustration. And made a large portion of our population as human burden rather as a useful human resource.

Although, we are not powerful enough to turn the clock of time back . however, we can make ensure that such mistakes wouldn't not prevails any longer. By promoting inclusive environment where everyone can be able to enjoy all basic human rights that have been bestowed to us by Allah Almighty and charter of UNDHR.

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