Co education advantages and disadvantages

(sidra zafar, lahore)

Co-education means educating both genders boys and girls together in an institute or in a class. Co education remained controversial issue in Pakistan. In country like Pakistan there are two schools of thoughts for co education. One is who are in the favour of co education and want to introduce in all school and colleges. They say that this system is very useful. They give many arguments in support of their views. Their main argument is that in a poor and backward country like Pakistan it is impossible to maintain separate institutions. Therefore, co-education should be adopted and the existing colleges and schools should be opened to girls. The supporters of co-education also say that in a progressive society, men and women should come closer. Co-education would provide an opportunity to the young men and women to understand each other. This would be very helpful to them in their future life. It would also be good for the progress of the country. Another argument is that co-education would raise the standard of education, because it will promote competition among boys and girls. In our society where men and women must converge and interact while working, it is aberrant to make schools which are not co-educational. Co-educational schools are a stepping stone for all the students who aspire to contribute to their society in future. To be able to achieve this it is important for them to be confident around the opposite sex. Co-educational schools prepare students to succeed in post-secondary education where it is inevitable to not interact with the opposite sex. Studies have shown that having separate schools for girls and boys doesn’t improve their academic skills therefore the advantages of having co-educational schools surpass the idea of having separate schools for boys and girls.

But everything has its disadvantages too. Temptation increases toward opposite gender. Co-education will create many problems not only for the students but also for teachers. Temptation does not distinguish between the students and the teacher. The real reason why some people support co-education is that they like western culture. They want to be more English than English because west has co-education so they must have it.

But we have to consider whether our religion, our culture and our circumstances allow us to adopt co-education...? I can say that they certainly not allow us to adopt such system. If co-education is inevitable one would agree to it. But it is not a necessary evil. And there is no reason that we should patronize everything with foreign name. If it is necessary we should adopt it only at elementary level while at secondary level and higher secondary level there should be separate system of education. By adopting this system at secondary and higher secondary level we will only be able to promote vulgarity in our society.

sidra zafar
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