100 days ups and down of PTI government

(Jahanzaib Iqbal, Lahore)

The PTI government is celebrating for its achievement in 100 days, but the people of Pakistan still finding reasons to celebrate it because relief for the common man is still a dream. The PTI government takes power with another priority, but Pakistan was surrounded by many international problems in which financial crisis is taking top place. The government manages it better way with the help of a friendly country of Pakistan. The government also wins the hearts of people with acts to open the border crossing of Kartarpur with India, which gives positive postures of Pakistan. This act is like 'A dream comes true' for the Sikh community that lives on both sides of the border, other acts carried out by the government are providing salter to homeless people in Lahore, who spent nights under the open sky in cold weather, now they will receive free meals and sleep in Panah Gahs (shelters) in Lahore There are many points of success for the government, but there are also flaws in the government. The PTI Chairman's government always claimed to free bureaucracy of political intervention, but there is still intervention in DPO Pakpattan and IG Islamabad transformation . Government also claims that it gives nationality to the people of Bangladesh and Afghanistan who live in Pakistan, but later toke 'U Turn' on this promise, which popularity graphgrgraph of govenment . Government needs more time to show its performance for country. PM Imran Khan: determination, focus and good faith work is a positive sign for the people of Pakistan. So I hope for the best. I will conclude this discourse with this verse

"After a difficulty, Allah will soon give relief"

The Holy Quran 65: 7

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