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1. Perfection ,like tomorrow, never comes.
2. Perfection is almost an idealism, not a reality.
3. In search of perfection, no doubt, expertness is often gained.
4. Perfection is an endless dream.
5. The people called perfect can also commit mistakes.
6. Often favorite personalities are regarded as perfect; but the favorite of one person may not be a favorite of another.
7. Favorite books can be called perfect , but those books may also be disliked by a lot of other people.
8. The achievement of perfection is a native desire in human beings that leads him to various miracles.
9. Without the desire of perfection, human activities becomes meaningless.
10. The people who thinks themselves perfect suffer from various moral, social, mental and religious vices and evils.
11. The thinks oneself incomplete works as an impetus for further work leading to perfection.
12. Those who consider themselves perfect, become exemplary evil characters like Faustus ,Pharaoh, Satan, etc.
13. The whim that perfection has been achieved, will stop all scientific, social, and spiritual progress.
14. The world with respect to worldly matters is in the state of continuity.
15. Urdu poet Ghalib says:
غالب برا نہ مان گر واعظ برا کہے
ایسا بھی ہے کوئی سب اچھا کہیں جسے
16. Iqbal says:
آ رہی ہے صدائے کن فیاکون دما دم
17. Make-up is an effort to make oneself perfect but it has no end.
18. Body-building is an effort of achieving perfection, but it has no limit.
19. All games and sports , even on international level, seem to be perfect but new records are made every day.
20. All arts , literatures, etc seem to be perfect but new compositions break old records and thoughts.
21. As T.S Eliot in his poem “Departure and Arrival” says:
Men greater even than those of yore
22. Scientific inventions can be thought perfect for some time but later on better ones are found in the market.
23. The perfect things of one religion stand objectionable for other religions.
24. The perfect things of one age are considered backward and useless in another age.
25. The most perfect toys of childhood are thrown away in childhood and become ridiculous in youth.
26. Even perfect friendship and love affairs prove faulty and skewed later on.
27. Instead of perfection, idealism is a better word and concept.
28. Idealism exists everywhere among humanity.
29. Idealism has been misunderstood as perfection.
30. Only Nature can boast of perfection but man often goes ahead of it in some matters.
31. Children regard their parents, forefathers, etc as perfect but it is only a snobbery not a reality.
32. In love or friendship, one can declare someone perfect but it often proves temporary and illusive.


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