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The world we live in is full of inspirational entrepreneur some of them are appear as a great business man and some are as great leaders but the most rare the case where an single individual appear with both the quality of great business leader.

Muzammil Nawaz is such one of them whom Almighty Allah has created with dynamic wisdom. He displayed an immense talent of business grasping in a very young age and set a tremendous example for a youth to be a young business entrepreneur.

Muzammil Nawaz a director of Innoserve Pvt. Ltd. has started his business in 2013 and in just few years he lead his business to peak of success .

Innoserve Pvt Ltd a subcontractor of HUAWEI is a nationwide provider of integrated wireless infrastructure turnkey solutions for telecom operators and their vendors/equipment manufacturers, Innoserve has a potential that precisely meet the evolving needs of cellular network operators including wireless construction and wireless professional services.

Innoserve has successfully implemented and commissioned a wide range of wireless infrastructure related services and project both for telecom operators and their vendors in the supervision and guardianship of Muzammil

Muzammil Nawaz is always very keenly eager to explore new business strategies and to handle intricate circumstances of business affairs come across his way to success.

Early Life and Education:

Was born in Karachi on 22nd of November 1986 he got his early education from city Cambridge school and passed his intermediate in 2004 from D.J sindh Govt. Science College with pre-Engineering faculty succeeding after intermediate he took admission in institute of business management (IOBM) in 2005 and got the degree of bachelors of business administration in a subject of Marketing and Finance later on he went to Australia for his post graduate qualification from the prestigious Macquire university.

Sports and Hobby:

Muzammil Nawaz is an intellectual person with not much high demand of luxuries and comforts. He always believe in simplicity and moderation he is not much fond of thing that others normally do but to be fit he always conscious for the same purpose he do exercise five times a day. Which we normally called salat. He is also like to play badminton in college days not only like but he is an enormous badminton player and has already leaded his college team as a captain in badminton.

As a leader he always passionate to support a new and talented personnel in telecom industry he always ready to assist his employee to get his way to success.

People like Muzammil Nawaz is undeniably an encouraging part of our society who knows like him hundreds of entrepreneurs are wordlessly giving his part for the development of our society.

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