(Khurram Jameel, Karachi)

Quaid e Azam(real name Muhammad Ali Jinnah) was a lawyer,politician and founder of Islamic Republic Of Pakistan. This great personality was born in 1874. He was very sharp mind till his young age. One day a teacher question him that, if you find two bags, in one bag there is a lot of money and in other bag there is sharp minded what you choose? he said i choose a bag with a lot of money, his teacher starts laughing and said if i will be there in your place i choose sharp minded, Quaid e Azam answers very comfortably that " i am very sharp minded but i do not have money so i go for that it means you have a lot of money but you are not sharp minded"

In 1906 Muslims found the the party named "Muslim League" in the support of Muslims because Hindus controlled all over the Sub-continent Politics. Hindus started the Indian National Congress League to support the people of Sub-Continent but they only support Hindus.

Quaid e Azam become a member of Muslim League in 1913 before it he was a member of Indian National Congress League but he found that Congress only support Hindus that is why he decided to join Muslim League.

In 1916, Lucknow Pact was signed by the two parties Congress and Muslim League in this Pact it is written that both parties come together and work for the people of Sub-Continent, later Nehru Report was publish and is written that Lucknow Pact was just a joke they are not in the mood of working with Muslims. On this Occasion Quaid e azam gives his famous 14 points which helps Muslim to stand one more time on his own Foot. In 1932 he become a President of Muslim League for his brilliant efforts for the Muslims. In the leadership of Quaid Azam Muslim League passed the Lahore Resolution(later called Pakistan Resolution). In this resolution Muslim League demand for the separate home land for the Muslim. Hindus were not accepted this resolution in 1946 Quaid e Azam work hard ad force to British governer Lord Mount Batton to Pass this resolution. In June 1947 resolution was passed by British Government and finally in Aug 1947 by the effort of Quaid e Azam and other Muslim Leader we got the independence in the face of Pakistan.

In 1948 Quaid e Azam become Ill, and on 11 sep this great personality meets to His God (Allah).

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