Operation 786 Pakistani Animated Film

(DJ Kamal Mustafa, Karachi)

Operation 786

PAKISTAN - 18 January 2019 

Hollywood makes animated film, india makes animated film but it wasn't happening before in Pakistan that a war & crime based animated film based on true events on the operations done by pakistan military is made. Yes that's right pakistani first ever animated film based on APS attack , LOC violation , Terrorists attack & Military Operation conducted by armed forces against terrorists & facilitators. The film showing all the positive images of Pakistan & also showing how Pakistan suffered from terrorism before military operations & how armed forces & nation defeated the terrorism.

Some important scenes:

1) Blast in Lahore at public place 

2) Blast In Karachi at public place

3) Train blast and firing in balochistan 

4) Army Public School attacks

Then after all the incident a high command in Military chaired a meeting and decided 

To start operation which is known as "Operation 786" 

5) Military started operation with the help of intelligence agencies 

6) Army officer found a terror squad hidding inside factory

7) Intelligence agency officer did secret operations inside an empty house & in Pakistan 

8) APS attackers killed

9) Pak Air Force Operation 

10) Pakistan Army Response On Line Of Control To India

Film Name: Operation 786 (Animated) 

Imdb , Trailers & Stills:https://imdb.com/title/tt9513572/ 

Gener: Crime, Action, Drama, War 

Directed, Produced, Animated By: DJ Kamal Mustafa 

Story Ideas & Writer: DJ Kamal Mustafa 

Length: 32 Minutes 

Censorboard: Approved 

Budget: 1500$ 

ShowCase & Film Festival: Film shown at government places & films festivals in 2018 

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