How to have a healthy lifestyle

(Ambreen Yousaf, Lahore)

Health means a normal physical state of the body which ensures the proper functioning of the body. A healthy body needs a healthy mind so that we can focus on our routine activities, think logically and perform them in a well-organized way.

Health is a great blessing of God. We are lucky that God blessed us with every part of the body and it is functioning well as compared to those people who have some missed part of the body by birth or accident and also suffering from a chronic or acute disease.

A strong and fit man can enjoy all the pleasures of life than an unhealthy man. When a person becomes ill or suffering from an illness, he turns into irritate person. Nothing looks good to him. Everything seems still. Unfitness disturbs the routine cycle.

The present era is a modern era. Everything around us is going to modernize. All because of science. A lot of progress has done by science in every field and still, going on. It introduced the world with new technologies and inventions. One day, perhaps the world will turn into a robot. Then no one will feel the need to perform their activities on their own.

Where these technologies and tools made our life easy and on the other hand disturbed our lifestyle in a way that became unbalanced. To have a healthy lifestyle some of the things should be kept in mind. We should be physically and mentally fit. It means that performance of both should be well.

Body’s proper working is physical fitness. Mentally fitness means that the mind is free from anxiety, stress or depression. No negative thoughts. It causes a bad impact on personality. Positive thinking gives positive energy. Exercise is one way to maintain both fitness which ensures that the body is doing well and peace of mind.

Our body has a time duration for the regular activities called biological rhythm.

There are 24 hours in a day. Science has proved that 7 to 8 hours sleep is essential not only for the body but also for the brain because the brain is continuously controlling our activities and needs peace to work properly.

Early to sleep and early to rise best fits here. It is beneficial for the health and freshness of the mind. Otherwise, it disturbs the sleep-wake cycle. Taking sun to bask. It strengthened the bones. Have a regular exercise. It improves the health-related issues.

Balance diet is also necessary for which all the nutrients should be present in equal proportion. The nutrients are essential for the growth of the body. The specific amount of calories is required by the body daily (2800 calories in the male and 2200 calories in the female). These are only supplied with a healthy diet.

The use of technology, tools, and devices like androids, tablets, iphones affected the lifestyle badly. Continuous use of them should avoid.

In short, the balance should be maintained.

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