Is fear of failure the cause of suicide

(Sidra, Karachi)

During the previous week, I read news about 2 medical student suicides, then a question appears in my mind what lends a student of the final year to commit suicide.
You will be failing the exam.
Oh, god you know nothing what are you doing,
Why you are getting scared
Girl, you are wasting your parent's hard-earned money Being final year BDS student these comprise some of the comments I have heard from my professors and seniors lecturers. Yes, I get affected by this but this will happens if you are learning something new. You should not get bothered by it as long as you are learning it will make you stronger.

South Asian mindset considers doctor and engineers as the only flourishing profession. Parents force their son and daughter to pursue MBBS or BDS if they got good marks in FSC. They never understand the fact that it's not easy to further study in the profession you haven't chosen by your own choice.

When you think that you are not fulfilling your parents' expectation, you will become hopeless. Hopelessness always contributes to the decision to commit suicide. All students during medical studies face a challenge to survive as we haven't got counseled about the difficulty level of medical studies. Once you get into medical school, everything will be a piece of cake that what we have listened to when are preparing for our MCAT.

But the situation is different in every medical school attendance, assignment, quota results, these are some of the hurdles everyone in medical school goes through. When your son is not producing a result as your expectation, he is in a depressed mood. It is the responsibility of parents to buckup their children. 90% of student in their university attempt suicide because they think that they are bringing shame to the family. A student who decides to commit suicide frequently thinks that their loved ones specifically their parents, would be better off without them.
The student sees himself as a burden to others and feels worthless. When a person feels that he has lost all hope and the person doesn't feel able to change that, it can overshadow all of the good things in his life, making suicide seem like an expedient option.

The things get wrong when it might seem obvious to an outside observer that things will get better, a person with depression may be unable to see this due to the pessimism and despair.

Straight away he stops speaking to people. He will think no one will perceive me. A person will become socially isolated. This can drive to loneliness. Our seniors, family members make a student so fearful toward the word failure. Failure is ok as long as you get reward.

As a society, we have to prevent the fear of failure. We all possess suicidal thought at some point in our life. Sometimes things do not go as we wish. We have bad days. Our friends are making good progress in their life and you will consider yourself as a complete failure. It's not true everyone in their life suffers. Someone will tell everyone about their suffering someone will remain quiet and bear it. It is our responsibility not to judge both types of people. Never makes fun of someone by calling their depressive mood as over dramatic. Be compassionate toward others, we have to acknowledge this, we all develop unique mental capabilities. We all cannot be on the same level. Someone will be more successful than us, and it depends on what is your definition of success. By writing long paragraphs after person, death is of no use start listening to them when they are alive. Don’t be the one who subdued the passion of living from someone. Trust me, it is horrid to live in regret.

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