Accountability breeds responsibility

(Abdul Qudoos Soomro, pano aqil)

In the wake of accountability, there are various points to give a close look.

Accountability is the only and the best way to build the sense of responsibility among the bureaucrats as well as public entities. It brings the methodology how to curb the lawlessness and massive kickbacks in the institutions. Accountability produces the responsible, devoted and trustworthy people in the society.

As far as the menace of corruption is concerned, our institutions have lost its glory due to lack of accountability and it has given rise to a plethora of setbacks/crisis in every public/private institution. The nation is in very deep shambles because we have never been utterly responsible and careful for our misdeeds. If there had been effective accountability in our institutions, there would not have been many irregularities in the public sectors.

It is a matter of disgust/shame for those who are involved in these types of malpractices and they must be dealt with iron hands and the strict inquiry and investigation besides accountability must be initiated against crooked politicians and bureaucrats who have never applied/followed the rules of accountability. There are some unwanted elements because of which we are going towards the steep of backwardness and for this reason we ought to access ourselves and be at the forefront to face accountability.

Our religion has also stressed the strong need of accountability in every day to day chores/activities. It generates the politeness, humbleness and creates the honest individuals in any civilized society. Our Prophet (Peace Be upon HIM) used to instruct HIS PEOPLE regarding the ways to develop the scope of accountability in every walk of life.

Owing to non accessibility of accountability, there had been much destruction of democracy and human rights. The plunderers and looters whom we call our rulers have stashed the hard earned money of the people. The major setback behind this illegal act is that our elected representatives have deliberately tarnished the image of the institutions through their worst tactics.

The rising trend of nepotism has been inevitable in many of the reputed organizations, institutions in addition to the government sectors where the jobs are being recommended/sold out through ill means and this is due to the upheaval of accountability. The competency and general merit has been put at grave risk because of the culture of nepotism in the institutions.

Our education system has also been partially in great limbos since decades due to the dereliction of the system and the corrupt mafia has gotten everything for granted. The main reason behind all this is that our incumbent representatives of various departments are irresponsible and they truly deserve a massive accountability for making the whole system in jeopardy.

The accountability should be our foremost priority everywhere and in every day matters. It is quite obvious that we might head toward the path of safe and protected uplift/elevation of the institutions which have been recklessly dismantled.

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