Fast Food trend running marathon! Good or Bad?

(Usman Gul, Karachi)


A piece of bread, a piece of cloth and a roof to live under is all that includes in essentials of living. It is believed that a person having these three essentials can live a peaceful life. Along with the revolution of time, humans and their choices for living essentials are also getting complex. People prefer spicy cheesy fastfood to provide pleasure to their taste buds upon healthy vegetables and foods.

Food is the most basic and the most essential need for a human body to run. A man of any age need an amount of energy to work and run all day long and get their work done. For this purpose it is important for a man to choose the kind of food that can fullfill all the basic needs of a human body and supply specific amount of vitamin, calcium, protein and salts etc that a human body crave for getting energized which is hardly possible to be fulfilled by fastfood.

It is important to maintain a balance diet to live a healthy life. A person should not increase its food intake beyond body needs. Today, the trend of fastfood is getting speedily getting spread among young and old ones.

Fastfood is not good for health as it contain high amount of calories which turs out to be the most basic and heated reason behind the increasing rate of obesity. In comparision, the people with highewr intake of fastfood are found to be more obese that the one who prefer it low. According to scientist and researches, fastfood is the primary reason of depression. According to a research, more than 51% of depression cases are found to be on fastfood users. Fastfood take long term time to get digested hence causing digesting problems and slowing digestiob process in human body.

Burger, Patties, Fries, Cheese and many such items are there which counts in the list of fastfood. The ingredients and chemicals used in the process of making of these foods are highly hardious to health and cause number of health problems. At the time of its intake it provide extreme level of satisfaction and pleasurism to our taste bubds but all their negative side effects come to the sigh ager long term. Cancer, suger, cholesterol and other health problems related to these are basically caused by the intake of fastfood and the harmfull chemicals and ingridients that is involved in its making. It Increases the percentage of obesity chances in its users. According to a research, there is found more percentages of obesity and weight gain in fastfood users as compare to non-users over a time of year. The chemicals included in fastfood do also react and leave its impact on our brain cells by weakening its ability to produce hunger harmones. As fastfood is the highest marathon runner on the track of foods world, most business man choose its way to earn and get theirs business on hights.

Inspite of knowing all the negative talks and impacts of fastfood, people still make it their first choice. For the sake of their taste buds, for saving their time in kitchen and for saving their money they do always prefer fastfood over anything else. It is proved by the researcher of University of Toronto, that the chemical that is used in the packaging of fastfood easily gets dissolved in blood increses its cholesterol level and also cause harmonal changes. These chemicals also cause stunt growth in childrens mental abilities.

There is a huge difference that can be seen under people of past few years and the youngsters of today. The main difference between these two generation is their food intakes. The people of generation before are found to be more energetic and healthy while boys and girls of todays who are far more younger than them and are supposed to be more energetic and healthy are found to be surrounded in more health issues. The cause of this gap is only one that is fastfood and way of living.

Health is the most important and precious gift by the GOD. It is our responsibility to take its care and provide it complete nourishment and fulfill all its basic needs so that we can work energetically and our body can perform all its fuctions properly. There is no bad to have fastfood for pleasure twice in a month, but to make it a part of your routine and playing with your health is justified enough to be stated as an act of enemy toward your body by yourself.

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