Smoking Kills

(Misbah Nadeem, Karachi)

heart disease

I would like to discuss my problem to express my point of view about smokers special the younger generations are proud to smoke a lot but they have no idea about how much it harmful for them. It effect on their health as well as it increase many diseases. Each packet of cigarettes does contain an instruction or warning that smoking is injurious to health. It needs a large scale campaign on all levels, depicting out the injuries glaringly which the smoking is highly to incur. It is a curse.

I my view we should placing strict limitations on smoking in all places where people assemble as cinema, halls, parks, garden, hospital, clinics, offices etc. smoking not only sucks the health of people but also the vitality and damages the brain. It causes Lungs cancer, head and neck stroke, gum infection, blindness, bladder reduced fertility and many causes. Smoking can damage every part of your body. Tobacco smoking in Pakistan is legal, but under certain circumstances is banned. If calculated on per day basis, 177 million cigarettes per day were consumed in FY-14. According to the Pakistan Demographic Health Survey, 46 per cent men and 5.7 per cent women smoke tobacco. Following chart of smoking shows that how many people of Pakistan are dead because of smoking issue.

In Pakistan 19% of adult age (18+ smoke tobacco), 9%of all female cancer death are registered without specification of primary sites. Almost one-third percent of men and 6 percent of women smoke. It is estimated that for each cigarette smoked, an average of 5.5 min life is lost. Each year approximately 60,000 people die from tobacco related disease in Pakistan. Among youth age (13-15), 34 percent being exposed to secondhand smoke in public place and 27 percent report exposure at home.
As you can this chart you can see that how many of people dead by smoking. You should take stand on that issue because it will be very harmful for our new generation.

In the end I would like to request you that spreading awareness through social media, add posters everywhere, spreading awareness to the youth about hazard of tobacco, smoking cigarette, shisha add campaign about all these it will be very helpful to youth you should have to target school colleges first. Where we target young generation specially, So my humble request you to take immediate action on this issue.

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