Stray Animals

(Misbah nadeem, karachi)

poor dogs and cats

Karachi is one of the biggest city of Pakistan but, we have been facing this problem for a long time. Stray-animals population have increased drastically. The population of these animals are very harmful for our environment. Many people in Karachi consider stray animals as a nuisance. Because they bite walking peoples, and they say things like they are dirtying our streets. They scare off our children, they bite people and spread rabies why aren’t they removed from here? The animal lovers says they have equal right to live this place. Both are right we can’t kill/remove stray animals from a place. They are living being like us. But their action harmful for us we should take action I think vaccination is a best way because vaccination involves giving the dogs an anti-rabies shot. After sterilization the dogs do not reproduce and hence their population becomes stable. As they are vaccinated against Rabies and other diseases they do not pose any health hazard.

You have focus on this issue because many people in Pakistan suffered a lot of disease just because of stray animals, stray animals find different way to teases. It also cause accidents the drivers blow horn but the stray animals don’t move they teases us while we crossing the road or we going somewhere or we crossing the road many times, the stray animals bite the common people the women and the school kids are afraid of them and not able to cross the road because of stray animals. A five years old boy was injured by a dog last night. Besides of this they polluted our environment.

Remove them or kill them this is not the solution, we have to take care of them we have to provide food on time add campaign for humans for awareness that they don’t have to hit them. Every animal has right to live in this society.

We have complained many times to the concern authorities but no action has been taken yet. I hope you can understand my problem and take immediate action on it, it will be very helpful for everyone.

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