Tourism in Pakistan

(Sajjad ali sarohi, Karachi)

beauty of Saif-ul-malook

Lake Saif-ul-Malook – ranked as the fifth best tourist destination in Pakistan – seems like heaven on earth. The greenish-blue crystal clear and freezing water, surrounded by giant glaciers, including Malika Parbat, reflects the beauty of Saif-ul-Malook.

The divine lake lies at the northern end of the Kaghan Valley near Naran, and in the north east of Mansehra district of Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa.

The lake is kind of a bowl where multiple glacial waters accumulate. However, it consists of large eco-diversity which includes a rare brown trout fish, bulk amount of blue-green algae, and a variety of water-plants and phytoplankton. Trout fishing is quite popular in Kaghan and in Naran as well.

The magical lake is completely frozen during winters due to heavy snowfall. The ideal time for tourists starts from June to September. The weather of this divine place is extremely pleasant during day time (about 15-20 degree centigrade), whereas at night the temperature drops to three degrees centigrade.

My opinion for fetching more tourism in Pakistan💓
1: Visa on arrival for any tourist in the world!
2: special task force should be made for their safety and security I know tourist force is there in some areas but govt needs to give proper security!
3: resorts and special hotels should be constructed in northern areas (there are some but not enough) bunch of restaurants in each valley !
4: govt need to assign registered guides who can go along with them and convey the proper knowledge and traditions to them in their respective language!
5: every second third day govt should announce the festival gala there and Make it according to the one like Dubai festival city (making separate pavilions of each country and their culture be projected there accordingly!
6: current shops and businesses must be allowed tax free items to keep on shops as many people purchase there and hence the local industry would boost up in trade !
7: nominate for awards to those persons who help the tourists and offer them free food or access to their areas and treat them friendly on regular basis !
That's how a country boosts its tourism in my viewpoint...!!

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