Pakistan Turkey Relation

(Muhammad Umar Farooq, Karachi)

Pak-Turk Relation

Before understanding Pakistan's relations with Turkey, you need to understand Turks first. Understand where they are coming from. Their heritage, culture, faith, spirituality, code of honor, the glorious past grandeur & empire...
They have NEVER been colonized in history.
Unlike the Saudis, who were the poor hungry desert Bedouins just a generation ago & the Iranian Shia clergy which has never ruled a country in history before, Turks are born rulers, natural fighters, empire builders & conquerors.
The Islam which the present Turks have been following is Sufi Islam, unlike the harsh Salafi version or the divisive Shias. Hence was created an incredible combination of a Martial race of fierce warriors yet soft, humble & spiritual to remain dignified in glory or defeat.
Before, during & after the WW1, when the Turks were being stabbed from within by likes of present rulers of KSA & attacked from outside by Allied powers & international Zionists, it was the Muslim of British India which stood up for Turks in their most difficult time.
Turks got their Republic after WW1 & the British Muslims got their own homeland after the WW2. Honorable as Turks are & grateful as they were, Turkey & Pakistan immediately hit off as "Iki devlet, Bir Millet"....two countries, one nation. The chemistry has never changed since,Turks make a very interesting social profile. One stream of the society is "secular", western, liberal & rebellions to Islam.
Other stream is deeply Islamic, spiritual and practicing.
Both these stream fall into one common stream - Nationalism.
Turks are fiercely patriotic.
Unlike the Saudis who humiliate ordinary Pakistanis & unlike Iranis who only maintain sectarian driven contact with Pak society, Turks have NO such hiccups.
Turks love and respect Pakistan as a package...people, state, army included. Love for Pak is taught in their schools.
Today, in real terms, Pakistan has closest relations with Turkey....even more closer than Saudi Arabia in many ways.
Short of a formal joint defense pact, there is total defense & security collaboration between Pakistan & Turkey. Unconditional & unique bond of brotherhood.
Turkey is building Naval ships & submarines for Pak Navy. F16s of PAF get their upgrade from Turkey. Army getting its attack Helis...& a lot more.
When Turkish F16s flew against Israel after Mavi Marmara incident, Pak F16s flew with them in combat missions. Its one army.
But tragically, while Turkey is playing on the global stage as an aggressive rising power, Pakistan is dragged down by corrupt democracy to such an extent that today Turks have literally no hopes from Pak's pol govt. A Turkish paper defined Pakistan's state as "castrated" .
But despite the "castrated" status as Turkish paper assume, Pakistan remains an unconditional brother for Turks. Pakistan is the only nuclear armed Muslim country, a fact which Turks respect a lot but are disappointed by the low quality of pol leadership in the last decade.
I feel that Turks are underestimating the overall potential of Pakistan. One can understand the Turkish obsession with democracy & their hatred for military take overs but the fact remains that in Pak, it is the army which is keeping the country together not the democracy.
It is only recently that people to people contact between the two countries have begun a little when Turkish dramas made their way into Pakistani media. in reality, an ordinary Turk love Pakistan but does not know anything about little is the social interaction.
In future, no matter what is the state of Pakistan or Turkey..both nations would remain strongest allies, brother in arms & would shed blood for each other.
Saudis would NEVER shed their blood for Pakistan. Neither would Iranis.
Turks would. That is the ultimate difference.

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