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Water is important for life. our body utilizes water in all its cells, organs, and tissues to assist regulate its temperature and uphold other physical jobs. It is consist of two third of our body. It is mixture of calcium and magnesium like minerals. It must contain proper quality and quantity. people considers its quality is good if it is clean and has sweet taste, that is why most of the people shifted towards RO water and Bottle water. But the problem is grew more by this and this problem dangerously increased that World Health Organization (WHO) has to issue a formal warning. In last few days different branded water was compared with hand pump water and found that hand pump is healthier.

RO and Bottle water have three major problems. 1. TDS 2. Minerals 3. Plastics. TDS means Total Dissolved Solids, What is solids are present in water and in what quantity they are. If TDS of water is less water will be hypotonic and if TDS of water is abounded, water will be hypertonic. Drinking water should not be hypotonic or hypertonic and we can get the best tonicity of water at 350 TDS and the range consider safe from 250 to 500 TDS, although we also can drink water which has 1000 TDS but water TDS should not less than 100. water which has TDS less than 100 is hypotonic and it disturb balance of body which is called homeostasis and homeostasis causes several diseases like cardio vascular, hair fall and so on.
WHO issue the warning because 99% of people using less than 100 TDS of RO and Bottle water which is injurious for health and that was happening because sweeter taste of water. water which has TDS ranges between 65 to 75 is sweeter and more tasty.

As for as minerals are concerned when RO membrane filters the water it omits most of the necessary minerals, means 90% of mineral reduces from the water and this is also on to Bottle water as well. Funny thing is that we call bottle water as mineral water which is so wrong , that may be called de-mineral water. For some time it became a legal issue, after that branded bottle water companies called their product packaged water instead of mineral water. But still common people thinks that bottle water is mineral water.
And if we talk about plastics in water then it is like that when water is filtered through RO membrane with pressure plastics included into it, same apply on bottle water when water is kept for couple of weeks and months in a bottle, plastic dissolve into it too. This is also happens because of low TDS, water is hypotonic and became aggressive and dissolve several thing in the water. Dissolve plastic is injurious for human health causes cancer.

So what we need to do:
First stop using bottle water. Second thing check TDS of water available at your home if it is more than 900 install an RO for that and set output RO to 350 TDS. It is sensible to set up RO for less than 900 TDS because may be water became sweet and due to plastic it also became more lethal. Third keep your drinking water into a pitcher and place that pitcher where sunlight and air can reach. Pitcher is an amazing thing if water has low TDS, it includes mineral in it and if there is a high TDS it reduces minerals from it. When a pitcher is kept in open air and sunlight water became sanitize and oxygenated.

In the end we talk about how much water one should drink and when to drink. Our body needs minimum 2.5 liters of water in a day if we drink less than that, we have to suffer with many problems like our body retains water and it is something bad condition if we do not drink sufficient then our body retain water causes increase in body weight and kidney stone etc. We should drink 10 to 12 glass of water every day. Also keep in mind it is useful to drink water in small quantity, one should drink two glass of water at a time. Drink water 10 minutes before to take meal and try not drink while eating and not eat while drinking. At last but not the least drink water front shore to shore. It is not a good practice to hang water bottle with you all the time. In case when water is not good what will happen you just have to suffer from diarrhea which is far better than cancer which can be caused by bottle water plastic.

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