Labor Day importance:

(Zonish, Karachi)

The job of labor is called the blue-collar job in general. The class who build houses through normal should be respectable to the society".

We all are dependent on labors because without them there couldn't have any building or house. Hardworking is directly related to them because they never beg and ask from people to give them anything instead they make their own bread and butter.

"People who work hard are the friends of Allah". Labor should be considered as a dignified profession because equality of every person is told by our religion, and we are nobody to criticize.

To make our homes and every type of work we always go to labor to build our desirable places, so it is clear that all of us are dependent on them and they should not be considered lower than us.

Our religion also emphasize to have mercy on labors. Our Prophet (S.A.W.W) said "Give the worker his wages before his sweat dries"

Labors are really special and their way of doing all the work with such a great effort is undeniable. In Pakistan the percentage of unskilled employer is more than the skilled employer that is why they are given less importance while in USA skilled employers are greater in number than unskilled employer and that's why they have more value there.

We celebrate this day by having fun at home. If we really want to celebrate this day, then we should support working class by giving them gifts and some money this is actually a real way to celebrate Labor's day and they should be given some facilities just like other professions in which bonus is given to employers because they are needy too. So lets celebrate this event this year in new way and give labors their rights because they are the essential part of this society.

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